Cheap Vacations and Travel Ideas
Last Minute Getaways and Travel Destinations for the Family

Everyone is looking for cheap vacations these days including yours truly.  Finding discounts on quick qetaways is a challenge and even more so for to trips to the top travel destinations.  Travelers want to have the most fun for the lowest prices possible.  Our visitors ask, "What is the best way to find discounts and cheap travel deals?".  

Do you have to subscribe to email hotlines that send out blasts filled with travel tips, pick up ideas on social media from other family vacation planners or does it do any good to be a member of online travel forums?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with including all of the above since you never know when someone will mention a great deal that includes travel and lodging in a spot where your family would have a wonderful time.

Cheap Vacations and Travel Ideas

We would like to be included in your "go to" resources since this is a great place to start researching cheap vacations and travel ideas.

If you thought that cheap travel packages for top vacation destinations are a thing of the past (and they may be to travelers who don't dig for vacation ideas) you should know that in today's economy your travel budget may take you to the secluded resort of your dreams with money to spare!

Budget travel packages offering amazing discounts are all over, and our goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals that are all looking for the perfect romantic vacation or family vacation spot to help each other find the best last minute deals on transportation and lodging to the top 10 preferred destinations on the planet!

We want to solicit your participation to help others you find the best vacation deals by sharing your reviews and passing forward tips on vacation package deals and coupon codes that you have come across.


Thanks to our visitors, we hope to sift through travel promotions and point out the best deals. Help us to point out deep discounts and all inclusive vacation packages that really offer lots of bang for the buck.

There is nothing to compare having other travelers suggest places to go and things to do on your cruise or getaway vacation that give you lots of value on any budget. By following their travel advice you may find that your efforts result in a worry free, CHEAP VACATION that's fun for the kids and relaxing for adults.


We will provide information on the HOT VACATION SPOTS that can either help you to travel further to exotic destinations or to stay longer once you arrive for an inexpensive price. Get ready for some cheap travel tips and ideas that may be perfect for a weekend getaway or a romantic road trip.


This travel site is a place for me to share my family’s travels and experiences with you as well as to give you a heads up on some ideas for cheap all inclusive vacation packages. Some of our friends who research airfares and international all inclusive vacations on a daily basis will also contribute their reviews and experiences with popular destinations. When they aren’t scuba diving, sailing, golfing or lounging on the beach, they have promised to kick in some interesting stories and photographs from their recent excursions and adventures as well as some tips on how to find the best all inclusive vacations on the web.


People may laugh and poke fun at the travel nut that obsesses for weeks in search of cheap vacations and travel packages. Remember how ridiculous Chevy Chase’s character, Sparky, appeared to his family in National Lampoon’s vacation movies? The poor man did his very best to plan a fun, family vacation and the results were a complete disaster. Who in their right mind would dream that a coast to coast family road trip could be a relaxing, worry free vacation?

Getaways and vacations are as much a part of family life as backyard barbecues and worry free, summer days at the local swimming pool. There’s no doubt that these activities will make memories for your kids or that your sweetheart will enjoy the home cooked meal. On the other hand, if you are a smart planner and do some comparison shopping for cheap vacations and travel packages you may be able to book trips for your family that take you to enjoy Hawaiian luaus, lounging on beaches with sand as fine as sugar and snorkeling with the tropical fish near spectacular coral reefs.

These destinations will make a huge impression and are so much more exciting and packed with adventure. Whether your search for cheap vacations and travel packages are for a worry free family vacation or an adult vacation, we hope to provide helpful updates and information so that you can make an educated decision on which cheap vacations and travel packages are the best for you. Whether you are looking for a place to party on a spring break vacation or a trip to a tropical island, we have some cool ideas for your getaway.