All Inclusive Family Vacation Ideas, Tips and Secrets

When your beloved gave you the brochure on all inclusive family vacations, did images of herding your extended family through a crowded airport flash through your mind? What do you say that we rephrase things a bit and make the suggestion that we offer some ideas for cheap family vacations? Ah, that sounds better doesn’t it? What if I told you that the two might just be one and the same? And then again, maybe not!

As we know there is lots of competition for your vacation dollar and they know that stressed out parents are in need of family vacation help from time to time. Travel agencies are constantly reinventing the wheel in order to get your business.
The term "All inclusive family vacation package" is one of the trendy catch phrases that some think tank cooked up to give you the idea that if you purchase one their family all inclusives that you will have a stress and worry free vacation even if you are traveling with the wife and children.

If you planned your last weekend family getaway yourself, you know that the list of questions that you have to have answers to when taking the kids on a trip is endless. Do they offer babysitting on nanny services? If so, what are the qualifications of the staff that will be caring for your children?

The beauty of an all inclusive family vacation package to many families is the simplicity. You can rest assured, without spending all of your free time on a fact finding mission, that the all inclusive resort you were considering is child friendly, pet friendly or if there is adults only dining and entertainment as well as attractions and activities to enjoy with the children.

You might be able to find a cheap deal on a family vacation at an all inclusive resort. But, when you see the price, you might wonder if your travel agent heard you when you requested a CHEAP all inclusive family vacation package. The benefit of this kind of family vacation is the ease of planning and the promise of a family friendly atmosphere than the guarantee of a cheap vacation.

Some have stated that the all inclusive style of vacation saves them money because they are able to tell the kids no to certain attractions as they are not included in their itinerary whereas they may otherwise be tempted to whisk out the credit card or dig in their pocketbooks and pay for tickets. If you are on a restricted budget, avoid expensive attractions and tours where you might feel pressured to go outside of your package’s paid in advance entertainment.

This really helps avoid nasty surprises when the first credit card bill after the vacation arrives. The price quoted for the package deal is what your vacation will cost so long as you don’t plan a lot of tours and activities that are not covered by your all inclusive family vacation package deal. You may be able to save some money on the front end with coupons or promo codes, so have these in hand before you make your reservations.

Each all-inclusive resort has their own list of inclusions but most any all-inclusive package will take care of your transportation, lodging and three meals a day with beverages. There will most likely be some sort of family entertainment or passes to tourist attractions that are nearby as well.

The savvy traveler is smart to ask lots of questions to avoid hidden costs and find out if there is a catch to all of the great stuff that is promised in their all-inclusive family vacation package. The good news is that if it is written in your agreement they should be legally bound to honor all promises. However it's true that some of our visitors have reported what they believe to be down side or drawbacks to this type of vacation package. Here are cons of all inclusives:

  • The destinations that offer all-inclusive family vacations may be limited. There may not be a package offered for the particular vacation spot that you prefer. Avoid making reservations for a vacation just because you can purchase an all-inclusive package for families with children. You may find yourself having paid more to go to an alternate location and you would have paid for your original destination.
  • Be certain that the activities that are included in your package are ones that will keep your family happy and entertained. For example if you have no desire for your children to be enrolled in surfing or snorkeling lessons why pay for them?
  • Many items that people expect or enjoy on a relaxing vacation seem almost to be deliberately absent in the package such as a spa day or a massage.

Don’t ASSUME that anything is included in your package. Read the fine print or you may discover too late that the all inclusive family vacation package may not be as all inclusive as you had imagined. I have heard rumors of circumstances where, surprisingly enough, airfare was excluded. Another item was that only SOME MEALS were included and others were pay as you go. Then again, I have heard of wonderful packages. The secret to getting the package that works for you is to take the time to read the fine print or to have a travel agent that you completely trust that will take care of those details for you.

Please make plans to visit Cheap Vacation and Travel Ideas again soon to find the latest all inclusive packages and for your family's getaway.

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