How to Find the Best All Inclusive Resorts

Travelers want cheap, luxury vacations. Their demands have driven the popularity of all inclusive resorts right through the ceiling. Travel agents report that their discount hungry, bargain shopping clients are more insistent than ever before when it comes to upscale accommodations and resorts that offer every possible amenity.

Contrary to popular beliefs, couples and families are not traveling less or settling for weekend getaways that are close to home. Modern tourists are taking as many vacations, trips and tours as ever. They just want more service and quality inclusions in their vacation package deals. Resorts are one way to take care of one stop vacation deal shopping.


Here's your chance to tell what was super or what you hated about the last resort that you visited!

The name pretty much says it all; luxury all inclusive resorts take care of all your meals and snacks from breakfast to dinner. All meals are part of the package deal. Depending on the resort, most offer some kind of sport such as swimming or golf. If it’s a family resort, they might offer craft instructions or classes of some kind for you and your kids.

Most all inclusive packages do not include:

  • Trips to the spa
  • Transportation from the airport
  • Phone service
  • Equipment rentals

If a tour or sight seeing excursion is offered that’s not mentioned in your personal all inclusive report package; there will more than likely be an extra charge.

Savvy travel agencies have trained their agents to help their clients to choose the best resorts for your vacation needs. The way they help you to decide whether you want a luxury resort with a spa or a resort in the wilderness that caters to the more adventurous adults who want to spend their time outdoors is to answer some specific questions or fill out a questionnaire designed to narrow down the mind boggling number of top rated resorts with vacancies.

Here are some questions that may help you to find the best all inclusive resorts for you:

  • Would you prefer an all inclusive family resort or an adults-only resort?

    TIP: Most all inclusive resorts have a come one, come all policy that includes, couples as well as families however there are some resorts that are strictly ADULTS ONLY

  • Will you have friends joining you that have children?

    TIP: Adults only means exactly what it says. If your guests that plan to visit have children, they will have to go to a family resort for accommodations

  • How far are you willing to travel from the airport?

    TIP: Most families prefer to stay in an all inclusive resort for families that is near the airport

  • Will you want a resort with a relaxing atmosphere or a funky, fun hot spot teaming with entertainment and nightlife?

    TIP: Resorts geared toward party goers and adult entertainment might not provide the best vacation experience for families with kids. Parties for adults with drinking and dancing might be lots of fun for newlyweds on their honeymoon and just irritating to families that want a quiet place to put their children to sleep early to get ready for the next day’s adventures

  • Will you want beaches and water sports or a swimming pool?

    TIP: Couples love to walk along the shore holding hands while enjoying the sunrise or sunset or playing in the water with a boat rental, while families might prefer a pool with a lifeguard and no messy sand to clean up after.

  • Must your all destination have golf?

    TIP: Even if your resort doesn’t have golf, there should be a golf course nearby. Some all inclusive packages have been known to offer a golf add-on package even if golfing is not among the basic inclusions

  • What outside tours would you like to see included with your basic vacation package?

    TIP: Have your list of requests and heart’s desires ready to present to your travel agent. This is where all inclusive vacation package deals shine. There are resorts that offer shopping, horseback riding, cruises and trips to see historic sites of interest. There are even packages that offer Parrot Heads, or Jimmy Buffet fans, a side trip to see Margaritaville!

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