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The discovery of a luxury Alpena bed and breakfast and a small local lodge were unexpected delights for our family during our vacation in Alpena. If the idea of staying in chain motels like Best Western or Days Inn during your Alpena Michigan vacation sets your teeth on edge, there’s a charming log cabin lodge that’s within walking distance to Starlight Beach called Big Bear Lodge. By the way I have nothing against the chains with good reputations and customer service but you must admit when it comes to offering a unique experience, many drop the ball!

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We found the cabins for rent a pleasure during our Alpena vacation. I found Big Bear Lodge while waiting for a vacancy at the closest Alpena bed & breakfast, and was so happy that we had an opportunity to stay here during the initial part of our trip.

We had no idea that Big Bear offered vacation packages (I want to mention once more that I am not affiliated) that include dinner at a historic saloon as well as group rates for fall color leaf tours and theatre vacation packages. I never dreamed that there were such nicely appointed cabins for rent in Alpena, especially as highly rated as I know these to be.

We already have plans for another Alpena vacation to take advantage of the fall vacation packages and if the fall color is as spectacular as the spring flowers I may have to take a side trip and visit the nearest Alpena Real Estate agent for information on a house there.

MY FAVORITE ALPENA BED AND BREAKFAST for an Alpena Michigan Vacation Getaway
Ten minutes driving from the town of Alpena Michigan is all that’s necessary to get to one of the best places to stay or to plan a wedding in the area and maybe in the state of Michigan itself. Agape' on the Bay is a beautiful, new bed and breakfast that is as Private and secluded as you can get and still have all the amenities. The wildlife viewing alone is remarkable, but the private, self-contained apartment with a kitchenette and a huge television (my husband can’t stand the idea of missing his sports news for even a day, much less an entire weekend) put this establishment at the top of my ratings list.

Wanda (the innkeeper) is a jewel and if I were planning a wedding vacation, this Alpena bed and breakfast is where I would park my wedding cake. It’s truly the lucky bride who gets married at this romantic, scenic location.

It might be difficult to book a room at this bed and breakfast on the weekends because of all the weddings that are planned here, but here’s a tip; Kick your Alpena vacation off on Thursday by booking a room at the Big Bear Lodge and enjoy being within walking distance of beaches, restaurants and shopping. Then plan to relocate to Agape’ on the Bay, my favorite Alpena Bed and Breakfast for a romantic, secluded place to unwind and enjoy the sunsets.

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