Baby Beach in Aruba

by Leona

You've haven't lived until you visit Baby Beach in Aruba! The white powder sand is like fine sugar and the placid turquoise water is absolutely Heavenly. This is the perfect beach for a family vacation even though there are no facilities beyond a couple of beach huts for shade and a refreshment stand.

Baby Beach in Aruba is located close to the the small Lago Community which was inhabited by the workers of the "Lago Oil Refinery" that was once operating in the area.

They partially closed off the Baby Beach cove with rocks and cement to make it more secluded and quiet. Over the years the cove filled with sand and made an ideal wading pool and one of the best beaches in the world that I've found for families with little kids.

You can always tell which are the best beaches in an area by where the locals swim and play and Baby Beach in Aruba is "the" beach according to the locals. The locals are there every weekend and we got them to share tips on the best places to visit along the shore and with their help this was the best beach vacation ever!

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