Best Cheap Bahama Vacation Ideas

Any time is a cool time to plan a grand Bahama vacation and enjoy this exotic playground full of scenic views, entertainment and attractions that will appeal to everyone from college kids, families with children, newlyweds in the middle of a romantic honeymoon on up to senior citizens.

With fourteen inhabited islands filled with friendly locals devoted to your entertainment and approximately seven hundred total virtually unspoiled islands open to all sorts of adventurous vacation fun you are certain to find your special spot.
In the interest of not wasting one precious moment of your vacation our goal is to direct you towards Bahamas attractions recommended by our globetrotting friends that you will not want to miss. Our island travel advice comes with a friendly caution that even with our insider strategies for sorting through the top rated activities, you may have to travel to Bahamas several times to squeeze all the fun stuff to do and see into your schedule.

You will find many TOP 10 THINGS TO DO AND SEE ON YOUR BAHAMA VACATION LISTS with helpful tips, but how they manage to narrow the selection down to ten items is beyond me. Our list continues to grow in length as we add one or two attractions every time we travel to Bahamas Islands, so keep checking back for more restaurant and resorts reviews and where to find the best stuff that Bahamas tourism sites might not know about.

We don’t sort the list of best stuff to do according to what’s popular or trendy as different stuff appeals to different age groups and demographics. What appeals to seniors might not be so attractive to teenage girls and boys so you will need to read each recommendation to see what you want to pencil in your Bahama Vacation schedule.


  • It's advisable that you visit one of the Bahama Islands car rentals and rent a car to use to travel back and forth between all of the different attractions. I believe that you will find that the rental fees will be justified and offset by the time you save and the taxi fares that you don’t have to pay.
  • Honeymoon couples won’t want to miss the small village of Pelican Point, Gold Rock Beach for an opportunity to spend the day at a secluded white sand beach full of romantic possibilities on the eastern side of Grand Bahamas Island.
  • Visit Paradise Cove where you can find Deadman's Reef on the western side of Grand Bahamas Island for excellent snorkeling.
  • If getting up close and personal with dolphins is appealing to you, the Dolphin Experience might interest you. You have the option of signing up for a dolphin dive or making an appointment with the Dolphin Assistant trainer for a day. This is not a program where you go swimming with dolphins, but it’s very popular and they only take four people a day so you’re your reservations early.
  • Floridians love to take spur of the moment getaway Bahama vacations to gamble in the casinos at the Atlantis Hotel (see the tip on getting a pass to the Aura while at the casino) , Wyndham Nassau Resort or the Crystal Palace.
  • To add some swinging nightlife to your Bahama vacation, visit the HUGE nightclub at the Atlantis hotel. The reviews that our traveling friends have submitted on the Aura say that the cover is expensive, but that it’s possible to score a pass from time to time in the casino. At the time of this travel tip the cover is $40 for the babes (check for ladies night discounts) and $100 for the guys. This sounds like money worth spending for a two to one ratio of men to ladies!
  • Families on holiday with the kids will appreciate the water park at the Atlantis Hotel that has enough rides and slides to wear the children out so that mom and dad can relax.
  • While the kids are splashing around at Aquaventure, the parents can make a reservation for a spa day at one of the world class day spas.
  • If you want do to some diving, some of our friends who like to dive recommend Marsh Harbour which is about a thirty minute drive from Treasure Cay.
  • Dive and explore some caverns, reefs and wrecks off Grand Bahama Island. Many diving enthusiasts recommend Blackbeard Cruises for a cheap Bahama vacation package deal. We haven’t used them, but the recommendation came from a diver that was not affiliated whose review was unbiased. If you try them, send us your own review of the vacation package, would you?
  • When you are making your vacation reservations, do some comparison shopping and consider an all inclusive Bahama vacation package that includes meals! We are getting reports that some of the cheap rentals are making up the discounts with expensive meals! If you have traveled to the Bahamas recently and feel that you were hooked with a discount room rate only to be ripped off on food, please let us know so that we can forward your advice to our travel website visitors.

In addition to the places to visit and things to see that are suggested in our Bahama vacation ideas, you will find some excellent golf courses and the usual tourist stuff in the more commercialized areas.

After you've returned home, please take a moment to share your Cheap Vacation Ideas and recommendations for the best resorts and things to do when on a vacation to the Bahamas.

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