The World's Best Beaches for Vacations
Best Honeymoon and Family Vacation Beaches in the World

Most travelers begin their search for the best beaches, resorts and tropical destinations where the sun is shining and the sand is warm and welcoming when the family's summer vacation or date for the honeymoon is a few weeks away.  Then there are the fortunate few who are lucky enough to need year round information.

These frequent flyers are always on the lookout for quiet tropical beach where the weather is fine and the sand is like sugar and perfect for shelling, snorkeling or surfing with friends.

The rest of us might believe that a getaway to one of the Top 10 Best Beaches in the world would be a privilege limited to the top 2%, the very wealthy. Pictures of celebrities and SEO's playing in the waves and lounging on the decks of their yachts anchored just off the top rated beaches in the world are constantly in the news but does that mean the rest of should be excluded?

The Best Beaches in the World are Not Out of Reach

Some of the most highly rated beaches in the world are in very affordable locations.

Spectacular sunset viewed from Mexico Beach Florida purple gold and rose pink

Beautiful sunsets are free for all to enjoy at the end of the day.

Mexico Beach, FL Florida


  • 1. Ocracoke Island Beach
  • 2. Caladesi Island, Dunedin, Clearwater, Florida USA
  • 3. Coopers Beach, Southampton, NY USA

  • 4.
    Whether you enjoy sailing, surfing or just lounging on the beach, a trip to a beach in Hawaii is one that you will not forget.

    Hanalei Bay, Kauai - one of the best Hawaiian beaches.

  • 5. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, USA
  • 6.Hamoa Beach, Maui North
  • 7. Main Beach located in East Hampton, New York

  • 8.

    Coronado Beach is home to some of the most beautiful scenic views and in close vicinity to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

    San Diego's Coronado Beach

  • 9. Lighthouse Point Park located in Daytona Beach, FL
  • 10. Siesta Beach of Sarasota, FL

The rates of expensive oceanfront resorts make it no secret that lots of money would be required to have such a luxurious lifestyle. But, in truth, does the average family require saunas, spas and luxury waterfront lodging to have the ultimate beach experience? Day spas and fancy accommodations are nice, but I will not stay home just because I can't afford them. I would prefer to take a weekend vacation and enjoy the sunrise, sunset and scenery for free than miss out on the whole experience.

The goal of this beach guide is to pinpoint the locations, descriptions and qualities of the top rated beaches in the world. I hope that visitors to our beach, resorts and lodging information page will share their opinions and experiences with the rest of us. I expect very few movie stars to visit with us on this travel website as they probably have a travel agency on retainer that books their last minute vacation getaways to a privately owned tropical beach. Is it really fair that they are the only ones that get to experience the natural delights of the best beaches? It’s my opinion that beaches are to be enjoyed by everyone, not to be a well kept secret known only to the privileged.

If you have a recommendation for an unspoiled beach, please share it with us. Beach bums (and bikini babes) of the world, unite! Share your knowledge or give your opinions of which are the best beaches for families on a budget. Give the names and locations of nudist beaches for those who want to hang out topless as well as to help travelers who have kids and want to avoid nude beaches for the sake of the children. Which are the best beaches for dogs and which don’t allow pets, period?

What might be considered the ideal beach paradise to one person is completely inappropriate to another. Help travelers avoid the mistake of visiting a beach that doesn't have the qualities that they are searching for. Pick one of the beaches resorts or locations from the list and take the time to give a heads up to other travelers on what any particular tropical beach is about or cruise through the beach reviews before you make reservations at a beachfront resort for your family only to find out too late that this is the preferred destination for adults only vacationers because of the secluded topless beach.

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