Best Cruises for Teens EVER!

by Cruiser

Norwegian Cruise Line is now offering the best cruises for teens ever on their 4,000-passenger ship, Norwegian Breakaway. This ship boasts the cruise line's largest youth and area for teens which is good new for those of you looking for family vacation ideas with teenage kids that are a challenge to entertain.

Worry no more, the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that we can expect this ship to have the best youth programming, Splash Academy, near the family friendly cabins on Decks 12 and 13.

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There will be age appropriate entertainment in separated areas for children of all ages including:
  • a play space where parents can play with their babies and toddlers under age 3
  • Fun wall mounted activities for three to five year olds
  • An interactive dance mat and building block activities for six to nine year olds
  • Dancing with a touch-screen jukebox, video games and arts and crafts for ten to twelve year olds
  • a special area just for the teens, age 13 through 17, on Deck 16 where they can play games during the day and dance the night away at the same location when it is transformed into an exclusive teenage-only nightclub after the sun goes down.

    To add to the kids' fun, there are ideas for teens including special programs such as:
    • acting classes
    • puppet shows
    • circus workshops

    There are also cool themes including:

    • jungle themes
    • cowboy
    • (of course) pirate themes

    The kids will go home with mad skills that are sure to impress their friends after learning how to spin plates, juggle and walk on stilts in the family circus school workshops.

    And there are sports and physical competitions including soccer skills, bowling tournaments and dodge ball games played under the stars.

    The ship that will fill your family cruise vacation with excitement and fun is now under construction at a German shipyard but it's never too soon to start making plans for one of the best cruises for teens coming your way!

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