Best Fall Foliage Vacation Tips

by Budgie

One of the best fall foliage vacation tips that I have ever been given is to check to be sure that there is a good possibility that the fall foliage will be in full color before booking a vacation.

For instance you can actually check to see whether or not the trees in a particular area are of the type to contain the color changing pigment, anthocyanin, that makes the leaves turn beautiful shades of red or brown in autumn.

If you know your botany you know that the onset of cooler temperatures combined with sunlight stimulates the production of anthocyanin allowing the beautiful colors to emerge.

And what is a fall leaf tour if not to see leaves that have actually turn beautiful colors? Therefore, perhaps the simplest but still one the best fall foliage vacation tips is to research the area and find out the peak leaf viewing days in the area where you would like to plan your trip. One such place to begin your research might be Simply visit the website and do a search for "fall foliage" and you will see a fall color map that will help to ensure that your fall vacation package is all that you had hoped it would be. The key to cheap vacation ideas starts well before you start before starting the Priceline bidding process!

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