Best Rated Cruise Lines

by Constance Cruiser

Have you ever wondered what takes the best rated cruise lines to the top of the list? Are the high ratings based on how courteous the staff is to the passengers, how good the food is, how comfortable the cabins are or how much there is to do on board?

While reading an article in one of the most trusted travel magazines where travelers go to find tips on which companies are offering seasonal or last minute cheap cruises and vacations to the most popular holiday destinations I saw a poll where over 5000 people had voted on their favorite major cruise line.

Of course the top two names catch my eye but I couldn't help but wonder what criteria the voters used to choose a favorite. Amenities that matter to one traveler might not always be important to another traveler.

List of Operational Cruise Lines

There may be lines that are less well known that worthy of your vacation dollars. Go down the list of cruise lines that are operating and read recent reviews to see if they offer destinations or features that make them worthy of further research.

What is Important to You?

I see a lot of comments regarding the elegant manners on some ships. As for myself, I could care less that the staff refers to me as Madam or Ma'am so long as they are available when I need them and seem willing to take care of any problems that may arise during the cruise and resolve them quickly. Things that matter to (an OCD clean freak like) me would be a spotless cabin and excellent food.

How are Cruise Lines Rated

I would like to know more as to how the best rated cruise lines are rated. It would be nice to see how they scored in individual areas. Does anyone know of a place, much like Consumer Reports, where you can see how each line rates for food, comfort and other considerations?

For what it's worth the best rated cruise line in the poll that I read was Royal Caribbean International Cruises with 32.76% (1711) out of 5222 votes and the second most highly rated Was Norwegian Cruise Line with 23.31% of the 5222 votes (1217 votes).

I would like to get opinions from those of you who have recently booked one of the cheap cruises that I've seen advertised or taken trips using either of these highly rated cruise lines to learn what was so special...or not, if that was the case about the trip.


And for what it's worth, the favorite company in the River Cruise line category was Viking River Cruises with Victoria cruises coming in second place.

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