Best Swedish Beaches

by Hilary

Swedish and Danish beaches are highly underrated. Indeed the best Swedish beaches should have a place on your list of the best beaches in the world!

You may have left them off because most people consider Scandinavian countries to be too cold for fun in the sun but I would like to dispel that notion and give your readers information on some Swedish beaches that are worthy of a visit during their next vacation.

The beach in the above picture is not far from Varberg Sweden which is mentioned in many of the Top 10 beach lists as well as the best places in the world to wind surf and is mentioned as No. 3 in kite boarding and wind surfing.

And then here are the next top 5 beaches in Sweden:
1. Stockholm: Långholmsbadet Beach and Smedsuddsbadet Beach
If you are visiting Stockholm and looking for your spot on the sand there is not only one but TWO very nice beaches in the city: Långholmsbadet and Smedsuddsbadet.

These beaches are covered with more than their fair share of sunbathing babes in the summer but but they are still worth a visit. Both are well-known so if you need directions, just ask someone in your hotel.

2.My second choice, the Sudersand Beaches in the Swedish island-region of Gotland, are open year-round and are regarded by many to be Sweden's most popular beach area in the Baltic Sea. They are located on the very small island of Fårö located 200 km (125 mi) south of Stockholm in the Swedish island-region of Gotland.

The best way to reach these beaches from Stockholm is to use the Nynäshamn - Visby ferry, and then the Fårösund - Fårö ferry. Upon arrival, you can rent a boat, enjoy watersports, reserve accomodations and get a bite to eat.

3. Varamon Beach in Östergötland: Varamon beach is a popular vacation destination for both Swedish locals and visitiors. This one may be third on my personal list of the best Swedish beaches but it's Number One with many as it's the sunniest beach and all Sweden!. Varamon Beach has soft sand and is a great place for both adults and kids to take in a little summer fun. This beach in Sweden is equipped with public facilities and is famous for it's entertaining summer activities that are attractive to all kinds of visitors. To get there, just follow the signs from the city of Motala and enjoy!

4. Böda Beach on Öland
If your vacation takes you to southern Sweden, makes plans to visit the popular beach of Böda on the island of Öland. To get there you can take Road 137 from Kalmar on the Swedish mainland to Öland. You will find Böda beach to have camping and public facilities, soft sand, water sports and a nice golf course for dad.

5. The Beaches in Skåne are called the "the Swedish Riviera" for obvious reasons. They are located in the southernmost county of Sweden. If you're visiting the country of Denmark, all you have to do is drive across the Oresund Bridge to enjoy the long, warm beaches that earned their nickname!

And if you are looking for nude beaches in Sweden, you will be pleased to lean that there are many clothing-optional beaches.

That concludes my list of the best Swedish beaches and truthfully, you should not take any of these locations to be much better or worse than the rest; they are all lovely and easily accessible from many popular Danish and Swedish vacation destinations.

I hope to see YOU on one of the best beaches in Scandinavia soon and that you will return to Cheap Vacation Ideas and share pictures of your favorite beach just like I did!

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