Find the Best Deals on Cheap Cruise Vacations for Your Honeymoon or Family Getaway

Watching friends leave for yet another one of their cheap cruise vacations is no fun. I know the feeling well and it finally struck me that they must know some secret to finding discount cruise vacations to be able to take their entire family (and many times the in-laws went too!) so often.

Wanting to learn every secret there was to know sent me to search for last minute cruise ship vacation deals with a vengeance. What I found was a lot of teaser rates and articles that gave little information other than to tell would be travelers (like yours truly) to be patient. To the authors of those articles who really don’t share many travel tips I would say that I don’t need advice how to exercise patience, I need to know how to find cheap cruise vacations for my family! So, put up or shut up.


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Yeah, I know if you book your trip early you get a little bit of a discount. Believe me, I would love to have the luxury of knowing my family’s schedule a year ahead of time but that’s just not realistic. I need to know where to find last minute cheap cruise vacations with fantastic discounts when I see a window of opportunity which is often no more than a day or two before I would like to depart. Are you with me?

I’m always hearing about people who find these amazing last minute vacation deals but where do I go to find them and why do the aforementioned articles say I need "patience and nerve" as I seek them out? What the heck?


I get why cruise lines want to fill their ships to capacity with customers who have paid full price but I also know that doesn’t always happen. So, all that we need to know is where are the lower prices posted when they realize that all the staterooms will not be filled?

If the discount cruise vacations aren’t advertised in the papers where are they? What I found is that you might actually beat out your travel agent by searching for last minute cruise deals yourself!

The funny thing is that the answer was right there in front of my face in the most obvious places. All I had to do was look and making a few friends on travel forums didn’t hurt either. So far, my favorite websites advertising last minute, cheap cruise vacations is (drum roll please) THIS SITE. It should have pretty obvious and in your face, huh? But even on this handy little site, I found the better deals were kind of hidden and I had to go to the (once again an obvious choice) Cruise Deals tab to find some deals and then I signed up for their last minute cruise newsletter to get frequent updates.

On the cheap cruise vacation you will find discounts on cruises listed by ports and cities, destinations and by cruise line. Right now, I’m focusing on ports and cities and I’ll probably turn my attention toward a preferred cruise line after I have a few cruises under my belt.

When I find a cheap family cruise vacation, I’ll post it here and share it with you guys and I hope that you will share your cheap vacations and travel ideas as well by using the form on this page. And if you would like to post some reviews or pictures of your dream cruise, that would be super, too!

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