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Grab your Cinderella dress and get ready to plan your cheap Disneyland vacation! There are more cheap Disneyland packages and hotels close to Disneyworld that are offering discounts, coupons and travel incentives than ever before and you don't want your family to miss out on these deals when they become available.

Our goal is to enable the family vacation planner to spend less of their precious time shopping for cheap hotels near Disneyland or looking for ways to score cheap tickets and more time enjoying the wonder that is Disney. This travel website is a place where recent travelers to the Magic Kingdom can stop and share their tips and techniques on how to vacation in Disneyland for an affordable price!


Please share your family vacation tips and pictures! Where did you stay? Did you have fun?

We encourage our friends to point us toward the travel agency that has shared consistently provided you more Disney World Tips and Secrets than any other while doing all of the necessary research on cheap Disneyland packages. Isn't it a fitting reward that you send this remarkable professional more business by passing the secrets as well as her contact information along?

To make sharing this individual's name and phone number as well as your review of your Disneyland family vacation I have provided a form where you can tell us everything there is to know. Tell us if the view from your cheap Disneyland hotel was the worst you had ever known or if it was the best or if your travel agent's idea of near Disneyland and yours were miles apart.

Your experiences will help other families to avoid bad hotels and prevent others from wasting their vacation budget.

To put it in simple terms, we would like for you to share both the pros and cons of your vacation to Disneyland with us relating the experiences that you had as well as any tips and secrets of how best to go about planning a Disneyland family vacation. And if you can steer us toward any outstanding attractions that will appeal to the family traveling on a limited budget that would be wonderful!

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