Cocoa Beach Vacation Guide

Skip the official Cocoa Beach vacation guide and take the advice of somebody who doesn't have a rental they want to fill. I've been there a bunch of times for weekend getaways and I know a thing or two about the area that I'm willing to share that those guys tend to leave out.

First of all the Universal tour is highly over rated. If you get motion sickness the 3D rides are going to make you sick as hell. Families with kids seem to enjoy Sea World and Discovery Cove but to me the beach itself is the best thing the area has going.

The sand is soft and the waves are big and these are high on the list of criteria to consider when looking for the best beach in Florida to spend time at BUT (and this is what no Cocoa Beach Vacation guide is going to tell you) if you're looking for nightlife there just isn't that much to do in the city itself.

The best time to visit depends on what you like but my personal preference is the end of October because it's not so hot and by then the storms have usually passed.

If you're into relaxing on the beach, this is a great place to spend your vacation. Stay at the best resort that you can afford because that is a key to enjoying this area as well as having a kicked back attitude.

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