Best San Diego's Coronado Beach Vacation Ideas

San Diego's Coronado Beach is an excellent choice for a California beach vacation. It's a popular destination for people of all ages with lodging ranging from the most exclusive beach resorts to inexpensive establishments that will accommodate tourists of all budgets and most importantly, the entertainment is fantastic.

San Diego's Coronado Beach rates highly on my list of beaches to revisit because, even after many vacations, I can always find something entertainment and fun to do there.

In fact it would be a challenge to run out of evening entertainment or attractions to see there. You can surf, body board, sail, and swim and many other popular water sports. Even in the off month of January, you will never experience a boring moment in your vacation schedule.

In fact, a Coronado Beach getaway during the off season of the year may have made the experience even better. Early winter is an excellent time to catch a glimpse or two of whales off the coast. And you will probably find that the temperature is very comfortable especially if you are escaping from the freezing weather in other parts of the United States.

On the day that we were there which was after the Christmas holidays, the beach wasn’t crowded at all and my sweetheart and I were able to enjoy a quiet day in spite of being in a very public location. The part of the beach that we were on was adjacent to a row of vacation condos or apartment buildings, but the beach itself was wonderfully open and uncrowded.

We saw some families on vacation with their children that were walking their dogs on leashes. For people who like to let their pets romp on the sand there is a leash free area to the north of the beach.

For a stroll, there was a boardwalk like paved road that ran alongside the beach that could also be used as a bicycle path. We just parked in a small public lot and walked right on to the sand, which was extremely soft and litter-free (a rarity on some East coast beaches).

The water was clear and was flashing a fabulous show in shades of blue. I took so many pictures when we were at Coronado Beach that I think I must have gone through an entire roll of film. The beach itself was by far not the only photogenic part of the scenery. The view of the cliffs in the distance was breathtaking, as were the neighborhoods and architecture that were surrounded by the beach.

If you enjoy a bit of history in your beach vacations you might want to pay a visit to the most famous landmark near Coronado Beach, the Hotel Del Coronado. A National Historic Landmark, the hotel is over 100 years old and has been visited by many famous guests since the late 1800s. It was the location for some famous movies, most notably “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe.

A short drive away from the beach is downtown San Diego that has enough restaurants, museums, and shops to occupy you whenever you can tear yourself away from Coronado Beach. A great way to see a lot if you don’t have much time is to take one of many cruises that will take you on a sightseeing tour of the harbor. The tickets are pretty cheap (less than $20) and in two hours, we were able to see a lot of the major tourist attractions and sites in the area.

As far as lodging goes, the Hotel Del Coronado isn’t in everyone’s price range, but there are plenty of places to stay downtown and just outside of the city for more reasonable prices. I had heard there were some beach condos that were offered as vacation rentals, but I didn’t have time to check them out so that I could include them in my review.

I don’t usually trust ratings and polls conducted by the tourism industry because I have found them to be less than reliable. I prefer to pick up insider travel tips and secrets from my friends. However, San Diego's Coronado Beach was voted one of the world’s top 10, best beaches a few years ago and I have to say that that was one poll that was right on the money. So, when you make your reservations for your all inclusive San Diego vacation package, pencil in a day at Coronado Beach!

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