Daytona Beach Florida Vacation Ideas

Before you make plans for a vacation to Daytona Beach Florida there are a few things that you need to know about the activities and events that might be planned at any given time. If fabulous stuff to do in addition to the inclusions in your all inclusive beach vacation package is a requirement for your trip, this information could have an impact what you find to be the best time to visit Dayton Beach so keep reading.

There are weeks at a time when you may find discounts on reservations in the best resorts in Daytona beach. Discount prices sometimes mean that the tourism is at a low ebb. So when is the best time to avoid the crowds and make plans for a family vacation in the Daytona area when the children can stay busy playing on the wide expanse of beach without being surrounded with wild parties or a bikini contest?

When is the best time for honeymoon couples that want to engage in moonlit beach driving or intimate walks while holding hands bathed in the romantic glow of their newlywed status? That’s the travel advice that this website will share with you.

If large crowds and events aren’t your cup of tea, your quest for cheap hotels and motels will benefit from knowing when the best spots on the beaches in Daytona Beach Florida is crowded with college kids on break or families with their children and dogs. There’s always something going on in this busy area that suits many nightlife hungry party animals and entertainment seeking tourists just fine, but as with most anything in life, timing is of the essence.

Considered by some to be one of the best beaches in Florida, a Daytona Beach Florida vacation has something to offer. But just to be prepared, it would be a good idea to check the calendar of events to see what is planned for certain weeks of the year before making reservations.

    If you are passionate about your Harley, you might want to visit during the time when Bike Week or Biketoberfest is scheduled and check out the custom motorcycles and babes in Daytona Beach Florida.

    If you are a student that wants to join thousands of other college kids to experience Daytona Spring break, all we can say is to make your reservations early because the best (and cheapest) vacation rentals and resorts are booked well in advance even though there are more beachfront and oceanfront resorts, hotels, motels and rentals than you can shake a stick at. If you are a budget minded family looking for a cheap Florida vacation or newlyweds that want your privacy in an adults only environment, your best bet might be to get a vacation package in between these popular activities that draw huge crowds to Daytona Beach Florida.

    Swimming, sunbathing and beach babe watching all contribute strongly to Daytona tourism. There are some other things to do in Daytona Beach Florida that adults as well as the kids will enjoy.

    • Daytona Beach Is an excellent vacation destination for surfers at the beginner level of expertise as well as accomplished surfers. There are surfing lessons offered to groups, private lessons to get a jumpstart on the sport. What a cool place to break out the board shorts and paddle into the ocean to enjoy some surfing. Keep the kids busy with surfing lessons at one of the surfing camps for kids.

    • Pull dad away from his beach chair and take the whole family parasailing high above the ocean. Be sure to take your camera to get some pictures as the kids might want to see some photographs of themselves up in the sky high above Daytona Beach Florida.

    • Take a romantic sunrise or sunset hot air balloon ride.

    • Take an Intracoastal Waterway cruise and let the tour guides fill you in on the history and facts about Daytona Beach while you view the Ponce de Leon lighthouse. This is a great way to get some quiet time and let the magnificent waterfront mansions, oceanfront real estate and sea creatures go by. Here’s a romantic Daytona Beach vacation idea; buy your dinner at one of the beachfront restaurants before you board the cruise boat and enjoy your meal on deck. Add a bottle of wine and some candles and the results are a romantic honeymoon memory. If your kids don’t consider romance and history upscale entertainment, consider taking them on a Kennedy Space Center shuttle cruise.

    • For a little exercise while you float, kayaking might be for you. An ideal activity for a family vacation in Daytona Beach or for adults only that want to do some birding, dolphin and manatee watching or sightseeing around the lighthouses and mangrove islands.

    • Bird watchers and orchid lovers alike will be thrilled to kayak or go canoeing with an experienced nature guide through the marshlands inhabited by manatees. A tour like this one is a wonderful opportunity to get in some picture taking with the rest of the world class photography buffs that flock here for the scenery.

    • Indulge yourself with a little Daytona Beach deep sea fishing excursion. There’s both salt water and fresh water fishing and if you are pinched for time or get seasick (like me) and the mere idea of spending time tossing on the waves in a fishing boat makes you sick you can substitute pier fishing.

    • It’s not likely that you will run out of Daytona Beach attractions with interesting things to do or things to see, but if you find yourself with a half day to fill, Orlando is only an hour and a half away.

    I hope that gives you some ideas on how you can plan an entertaining (and cheap) Daytona Beach vacation filled with activities that will make you want to book your reservations for what you have on your list as the best resorts a year in advance.

    Please visit us again soon to find more cheap vacation ideas and travel advice with tips shared by our visitors with recommendations for the best places to spend a beach vacation.