by Tanya

I have been working on my list of "best Disney Christmas events" since everyone says that is such an important part of taking the family to Disney for the holidays. And I hate to complain and it may just be me but I was amazed that the most important events are expensive!

I was surprised to learn that you have to buy separate event tickets to take part in one of the top events on my list. The activity (which requires a separate ticket) includes fireworks and I thought that a fireworks show would be free since (duh) can't everybody in the park see it?

But it's true that you have to buy tickets to take part in Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party that includes an appearance by Santa Claus. How can I deprive my children from seeing Santa since they are very likely to hear other kids at Disney talking about it? At ticket prices ranging from 47.95 to 53.95 I can see my chances of successfully planning a cheap Disney vacation slipping through my fingers!

Maybe if I knew more about what I would be paying for I wouldn't be so disappointed. After hearing this was one of the best Disney Christmas events on some of the message boards I visited the official website and read that in addition to the visit from Santa Claus that there would be a magical snowfall, cookies and hot cocoa and the enchanted Castle dream lights on Cinderella's Castle, fireworks plus the possibility that the kids could meet some of the Disney characters.

It seems to me that we will be paying a lot of money for some fake snow, a snack and a peek at the Jolly Old Elf since I kind of expected the other stuff mentioned to be available for free. Am I missing something? Can someone please tell me why these Disney World Christmas event tickets so darn expensive?

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