by Disney Fan

Give your family vacation planner a FREE DISNEY VACATION DVD to help him or her get an idea of all the magic that is part of a Disneyland vacation or Disney cruise!

I just saw this great offer and I wish that I had had it before we took our last Disney vacation. I believe that it would have helped us be more organized and to be aware of more of the activities for the kids as well as the adults in our group.

We have been to Disneyland several times and have taken several Disney cruises. I can't say which I prefer but I can tell you that there is something for everybody in both places and on the cruise ships there is so much entertainment and so many restaurants that it's hard to squeeze everything in which brings me back to the free Disney vacation DVD. All you have to do to order is go over to or call 1-866-521-2597 (and don't forget to mention that you found this ad on Cheap Vacation Ideas ) and ask them to send you one. Your travel agent may have access to the free offer, too but if he doesn't you should be able to order one from the website or from the phone number I posted.

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