Free Family Vacation Ideas

by Liz

Most of the best free family vacation ideas are events and programs taking place at museums. The children may groan when they hear you say, "Guess where we are going on our getaway, kids! We are going to a museum"! I, personally, will never forget the look on my kids' faces but everything turned out all right because they had so much fun.

When I planned our last trip, the first thing I did was to find out the location and working hours of the museum in the city that we were visiting. My kids went so far as to complain that they just got out of school and now they are being forced to study while they are supposed to be having fun on vacation.

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I had to explain to them that when you are operating on a very tight travel budget that cheap vacations are better than none at all. That didn't exactly put big, happy smiles on their faces but after we actually got inside the museum my free family vacation ideas started to pay off big time!

For one thing, they enjoyed being inside out of the heat for awhile and whoever was in charge had done a super job of making the exhibits kid friendly and the adults in our little group found most of them very interesting.

Our next family trip is planned to Washington, DC. Actually my husband has to go there on business and I and the kids are going to tag along. This was unexpected and on the heels of our summer vacation so I have very little budget to devote to lining up entertainment. We are going to be eating out of coolers and drinking a lot of water but there's no way that I'm going to miss a chance to go to Washington DC!

And surely between the 19 (yeah, count them) Smithsonian museums and the Natural Zoo there is something that everybody will enjoy.

After doing some research on the Smithsonian (which is at the top of my list of free family vacation ideas for our trip to Washington) I was slightly taken aback to learn that visitors have to pay to see movies in exhibits like the National Air and Space Museum. I'm afraid that we will have to skip those and be satisfied with seeing the "Spirit of St. Louis" trans-Atlantic plane and the Apollo spacecraft because we can see them for FREE!

I know it seems that I've gone museum crazy here, but you can really fill a lot of time looking at stuff that interests you and practically every major travel destination has a free museum like
this one
(or at least one that doesn't cost much)!

Examples are the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California, the Musée Carnavalet, Paris (Parlez-vous Français, anybody?) and the British Museum in London England that I want to visit next.

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