Fun Things to Do in Cocoa Beach

by Chelsey

We found so many fun things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida that only the locals know about!

All the tourists go the the Ron Jon surf shop and little souvenir shops and those are really cool but there's free things to do too like looking for hermit crabs and picking up shells on the beach. With the money we had left over we went out to eat and got pedicures.

Here's a list of the best, fun things to do in Cocoa Beach that made our trip GREAT!

1. Getting our nails done (what girl looks hot in a bikini without pretty fingers and toes?)
2. Picking up shells on the beach
3. Going to Ron Jon surf shop
4. Visiting little souvenir shops that have handmade items
5. Buying jewelry that you don't see anywhere else
6. Visiting nearby amusement parks (Universal, Sea World, NASA)
7. Relaxing on the beach
8. Digging in the sand
9. Seeing reptiles and small animal shows at Ocean's Landing was so much FUN!
10.Boogie boarding in the ocean

We asked some of the locals about fun things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida and they just shrugged and said that going to the beach was really the only thing to do in the area and that since we were tourists we might want to go check out Ron Jon's but they never did that because they weren't into tourist activities and stuff. One guy mentioned that we might want to visit the Cocoa Beach Pier. Basically these guys were boring and didn't appreciate living in Florida! Some of the girls let their attitude get them down but I refused and had a blast. In addition to the stuff that I included my my list, I want to mention how much fun I had at City Walk at Universal. I think it's the best, better than Downtown Disney. But if you're able, why not just do both.

Hit some of the clubs and stuff where you see locals gather but when they are snobby about "tourist stuff" just ignore them!

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