Family Fun Things to Do on Vacation and Vacation Spots

Part of planning a family getaway is planning worlds of fun things to do on vacation. Traveling in and of itself is just not enough to keep the kids entertained. And of course there is that long, tiring ride to wherever you are going.

Being prepared and having worlds of fun stuff for kids to do in the plane, train or car while on the way to your vacation destination can be a lifesaver. If you are a parent, I don't need to tell you how difficult it is to keep children quiet and still. The best you can do under the circumstances is to keep their minds busy so that the fact that their little bodies are not above to move slips right by them!

FUN THINGS FOR KIDS TO DO on the PLANE Playing peek-a-boo games with an inexpensive handheld mirror may be all it takes to keep your baby laughing. But older kids are would be more willing to plug in the headphones and watch a movie on a portable DVD player on a lengthy ride. Here's a tip, surprise them with a movie they have been asking to see long before the trip. They will never know that you deliberately withheld it for this purpose. Here are some items that you might want to have in your carry on bag when the need for fun things to do on vacation arises mid-flight.


  • A few of the kids' favorite magazines
  • DVD’s that they have never watched before in case the in-flight movies are (lame,dumb,boring,old) unacceptable
  • Coloring books, markers and supplies for drawing.
  • A deck of playing cards with instructions for a game they have never played
  • Ipod(s) (be sure to include headphones) loaded with their favorite tunes

Once you arrive at the beach or in the city your game plan will change and your efforts to keep the children engaged and happy will switch from sedentary fun to activities that are both age and location appropriate. Here are some generic entertainment tips for beach fun that are free.

  • Swim and splash in the water. Before you hit me with, "Why do you think we planned our cheap family vacation for the beach"? What I mean is get up out of the beach chair and don't just WATCH the kids splashing around in the surf; get up and play WITH them!
  • Check out the fish. Pull the book (that I'm telling you to buy right now!) about the fish common to the area where you are staying and identify them if you are lucky enough to see and/or catch some.
  • Spend the hot hours of the day at a local museum.
  • Visit the local zoo
  • Get information on "must see" attractions from the Chamber of Commerce. Remember, you get bonus points for looking for fun stuff to do on vacation beforehand!

    The fun stuff for kids to do on vacation that you see on this page is just to get you started! Our plans are to provide location-specific tips (with the help of our traveling friends!) and reviews. You will find ideas for family beach fun as well as fun stuff for the kids to do on hiking trails.

    Remember that sightseeing along the way and pointing out historic landmarks and points of interest are important to fulfill the educational aspects of the trip but to keep the children occupied takes doing your research and lots of planning!