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at the
The Grand Traverse Resort in Michigan

The The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Michigan is one of the finest resorts in northern Michigan and is one of my favorite places to visit. The hotel is not exactly inexpensive, but its visitors rave that has so much to offer a new bride that she would be honored to spend her honeymoon in one of the fantastic suites.

It's also possible to (occasionally) see promotions offering Grand Traverse Resort Coupon Codes to save money on activities once you reach your destination. To see the latest deals, subscribe to Michigan travel newsletters and watch for any discounts and promotions that are offered.

My husband and I take the children on family vacations to several Michigan resorts in late summer (to avoid the mosquitoes that seem prevalent in June) but we reserve our "adults only" second honeymoon vacations for the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa for our romantic getaway vacations in Michigan.

They have condominiums with up to three bedrooms which would work for the family, but we like the luxury of the hotel rooms. They also have what they call Tower Rooms, and they have fabulous views of the orchards and hills around the motel, but we have enjoyed a couples package that offered more of an adult vacation and the nightly rates even on weekends were inexpensive for what was offered.

We were there on a weekend and a wedding was being planned (is it just me or are all Michigan resorts booked for weddings and bridal parties every weekend?) and the ballroom of the Grand Traverse Resort was decorated so beautifully that it made me want to join the wedding party and see if they would allow us to renew our vows. If I could have coaxed my dear golfing husband in off the golf course, that might have been a world of fun and oh so very romantic.

The Grand Traverse spa is what I had in mind when I said that you should shop for Michigan resorts that have WHAT WOMEN WANT IN A VACATION as well as stuff for the men in the group to see and do. Those massage therapists make you feel like you are well accustomed to a rich, pampered lifestyle rather than a hard working woman whose idea of a sumptuous meal is taking the kids to the local fast food joint.

If there is anything about this resort and spa that I loved better than the massage and facial treatments, it would be the Aerie Restaurant & Lounge. It’s in the Tower and I just love the booths and the atmosphere.

My cheap husband liked the availability of an excellent wine at an inexpensive price. There are expensive items on the menu and wine list, but you can find something tasty for a reasonable price. There’s none of that snobbish attitude that I’ve seen from the wait staff in some restaurants when you indicate to them that you would like to stay within a budget. The staff is wonderful at making you feel comfortable and welcome. The Grand Traverse is one of my favorite resorts and I think that if you stay there it will become a special, romantic getaway vacation destination for your and your travel partner, too.

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