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If you are looking for a haunted hotel in Colorado to stay in on your way to one of the fabulous ski resorts you might want to reserve a room (early) at the The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Reports are that this luxury hotel has a few guests that love it so well that they refuse to leave their special spot in the historic 138 room Georgian hotel that was built in 1909.

To be clear, the ghosts are not the only attraction. The Stanley also has spectacular panoramic views of the Rockies that are guaranteed to be visible unlike the things that (may or may not) go bump in the night.

But don't give up hope of having a paranormal experience while staying at this haunted hotel in Colorado. Throughout the years, both guests and employees have reported various types of paranormal activities.

There have been reports of hearing children playing in the halls, the tinkling music from a piano and the sweet smell of invisible roses.

Sounds coming from the formal ballroom and semi-transparent people in the halls and rooms are among the reported happenings.

Just in case the less solid inhabitants of the this HAUNTED HOTEL in COLORADO fail to make an appearance, there is a walking ghost tour to that will not fail to send a tingle down your spine.

So if you are looking for fun stuff to do to add on to your cheap ski vacation, you might want to leave a day or two early to enjoy a ghostly stay in the mountains that is sure to put you in a festive mood for Halloween! BOOOOO....I mean, BYE!


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Oct 29, 2010
Is the Stanley Hotel Really Haunted
by: Anonymous

Is the Stanley Hotel really haunted? Well, we booked a room there a couple of year ago because of our love of old, historic places. We were aware of claims of ghosts haunting the premises so much so that we checked in as skeptics totally unconcerned and dubious of any claims of super natural activity.

We found the rooms everything we hoped they would be and then on the very first night of our stay,
I saw what appeared to be a "very dense" black shadow walking out of the room.

Could I say for sure it was a ghost? No but it was unnerving enough that we requested to be relocated to another room on a different floor only to be bothered with bad dreams of being unable to breathe and my husband dreaming that I was plotting his murder!

Bad dreams are just that...bad dreams but it doesn't escape me that "The Shining" was based on this hotel and I have to wonder if Stephen King may have dreamed up the storyline during a stay here?

I'm not telling you this to make you avoid this scenic hotel because Estes Park is lovely and many other visitors have had nothing positive experiences there but unless you have steady nerves and are into ghosts and spooky places make it a day trip. Is the Stanley Hotel really haunted? Stay in one of the more famous rooms and decide for yourself!

Oct 27, 2010
Is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado Really Haunted?
by: Anonymous

Is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado really haunted or is this just a promotional campaign? I've often wondered why management would think that the prospect of having your toes pinched or the sheets pulled off the bed in the night would be appealing to potential guests.

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