Ideas for Cheap Romantic Italian Vacations Wine Tasting Tours and More

Studying travel brochures and websites for information on Italian vacations and tours is an excellent way to get tips for attractions that the international traveler simply would not want to miss. How tempting those pictures of newlyweds on their honeymoon sipping fine Italian wines are to those of us staring out at traffic and boring architecture.

Even when taking advantage of the best package deals and discounts, vacations in Italy and wine tasting tours are not inexpensive. However, if you plan ahead and are willing to be flexible on what to see and what to do on an Italian vacation, you might just be in for a delightful surprise and find that it’s possible to book a relatively cheap vacation in Italy.

During the peak of tourist season, there is a virtual tidal wave of travelers anxious to take vacations in Italy shopping for all inclusive discount Italy travel and vacation packages. The problem is that unless they are careful, they will miss many of the best attractions.

Not everyone wants to spend their entire trip touring the Italian countryside. Many prefer to get their fill of the romantic atmosphere that is uniquely Italian in populated areas visiting museums and snapping photos of the architecture.

One of the more popular tour themes at the time would be Italian wine tour vacations. The majority of these trendy package deals are not for the majority of budget travel fans. When you think of Italian wines, your mind may drift to a fine Chianti. Well, that happens to also be the destination of many Italian vacations. It’s a lovely area, steeped in history and that romantic atmosphere that honeymoons are made of, but the bad news is that lodging and dining will cost you a hefty percentage more in Chianti than in just about any other region of the country.

Chianti is popular for more than revving up newlyweds’ romantic engines; there are lovely vineyards open for tours unlike some other areas of Italy that are famous for their vineyards and grape growing abilities like Apulia. The majority of vineyards in this huge area has not caught the Italy tourism bug and could care less about the promotion of Italian vacations. They apparently want to be left in peace to do what they do best; produce wine.

So where does a frustrated romantic, fan of vineyards go to avoid price gouging and crowded tourist spots in Italy? Here are a few recommendations for places to go in Italy that may still be sparsely populated enough that you can have the romantic, wine tasting vacation experience that you traveled so far to get:

  • The Maremma Area is as good as it gets so far as being off the beaten tour group path as still be located in Tuscany. Located on the district’s southern edge you will not only find the vineyards you have yearned to tour, but a forested area and beaches. This is a quiet, relaxing place that’s cheap compared to some of the more popular areas and an excellent place to kick off your Italian vacation.

  • If ancient fortezzas and Brunello wines are your bag, consider Montalcino for your next stop. This is a picturesque hill town perched at the top of a steep cliff where you can enjoy a few tastings and tour a Romanesque abbey nearby.

  • No Italian vacation would be complete without a stop to at least one Renaissance town. Pienza apparently enjoyed great reward for reducing Pope Pius II way back in 1405. He is credited for having had the wisdom not only to lead the Catholic Church but to hire a talented architect named Bernardo Rosselino to bring the village of his birth above and beyond building standards back in the day of the Renaissance. The town’s center is considered to be an Italian architectural wonder.

    You might ask what there is to do in Pienza, Italy beside look at buildings. According to frequent travelers, the most enjoyable entertainment of the town involves drifting from wine shop to wine shop sipping wine and nibbling cheese produced in the area.

  • Another hill town famous for its wines that made the list is Montepulciano. Forget the wine cellar tours on this part of your trip. This place hosts wine tasting in caves. While you are in the mood for stuff that's medieval, enjoy strolls through alleyways with a distinctly ancient atmosphere. All of these are excellent reasons that Montepulciano should make your list of things to do on Italian vacations.

  • The next stops on our Italian wine tour vacation that’s filled with unspoiled destinations and vineyard locations are Chianciano Terme and Orvieto. The waters in Chianciano Terme are supposed to help with liver problems. That could be a good thing after all that wine tasting that you have done. Even if your liver is not in danger of failing, the rest of your body will appreciate a spa vacation day after walking through medieval Italian towns. When you are refreshed and ready to resume your Italian vacation travel plans, consider a drive to Orvieto to view the beautiful duomo located there.

The great thing about making your own tour plans for your Italian vacations is that you can travel at your leisure. If an attraction strikes your fancy, there is nobody to tell you to make it snappy and return to the bus. Here are a few more ideas for Italian vacations.

You might want to know when is the best time to book your vacation for vineyard tours and Italian vacations in the grape growing regions. Many suggest that it’s best to wait until after the summer rush to make a trip to Italy. Autumn in Tuscany is Heavenly and the vacation packages are cheap compared to the busy season. So, take advantage of the discounts for airfare and lodging for your vineyard tour in Italy and savor the romance that the country has to share.

Please make plans to visit us again to see the latest in cheap vacation ideas and travel advice for your Italian vacation.