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Our goal is to provide valuable information that will help you to have a positive Lake Tahoe ski vacation. Visitors to our website can share what they perceive to be the positives or the negatives of all the sights, accommodations and activities that they encountered while on vacation in Lake Tahoe.

Consumer Reports are the best way to raise the industry standards even in an upscale destination like Lake Tahoe, plus your experiences can answer many questions about the area that many travel sites don’t begin to address. Here's your opportunity to complain or to rave about the nightlife, entertainment and activities that you took part in while visiting the area.


Please tell us about your Lake Tahoe ski vacation! Share the positives, negatives and the pros and cons of the entertainment and activities that you paid for or that were offered free by the tourism department in the area.


Click below to see other Lake Tahoe tourist's comments on their Lake Tahoe ski vacations. Avoid families and child friendly areas if you want a place to spend a romantic honeymoon or steer clear of areas for adults only if you are traveling with your family. Find the perfect spot in Lake Tahoe for you by reading reviews submitted by recent visitors to the area.

My North Lake Tahoe Ski Vacation Not rated yet
We booked our Lake Tahoe ski vacation on the assumption that the ski conditions would be good until April. However, just to be safe we planned to actually …

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Keep your comments regarding your Lake Tahoe vacation fair, keep it real, stick to the facts. Send us your personal pictures of your trip to Lake Tahoe and submit a short vacation package review in the spirit of helping other travelers vote with their feet or their money on the best Lake Tahoe ski resort and restaurants.

Recommend a perfect location with spectacular winter scenery that nobody in their right mind would want to miss or warn your fellow travelers about the overdone steak that disappointed you in that expensive restaurant. We are seeking the end result of informing Lake Tahoe tourism officials know where the weak areas in family activities or adult entertainment that should be an integral part of any Lake Tahoe family ski vacation package.

If you had a wonderful time in Lake Tahoe, please tell us all about it. Some examples of helpful information might be:

  • What is there to do in Lake Tahoe in winter?
  • What is there to do in Lake Tahoe in the fall or autumn?
  • What is there to do in Lake Tahoe in the spring?
  • What is there to do in Lake Tahoe in the summer?
  • What is there to do at Christmas in Lake Tahoe?
  • What is there to see on a Lake Tahoe ski holiday?
  • What was your favorite Lake Tahoe ski area?
  • Which is the best restaurant in Lake Tahoe?
  • What is there for singles to do in Lake Tahoe?
  • Where can you plan a wedding in Lake Tahoe?
  • Where are the family-friendly or child friendly areas in Lake Tahoe ?
  • Where are the pet friendly areas in Lake Tahoe?
  • Which ski resorts in Lake Tahoe are pet friendly?
  • Which ski resorts are adults only?

Everyone that travels to Lake Tahoe comes back with a different opinion of the skiing, the weather in Lake Tahoe or any number of facts and recommendations that might help another person plan the perfect trip. So, take advantage of this opportunity and share your ideas about your Lake Tahoe ski vacation with other families, singles or newlyweds.

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