Las Vegas Vacation Ideas

by Me

Please suggest some Las Vegas vacation ideas and some tips on finding discounts for our family's Las Vegas vacation that I am planning. We would like to take advantage of all the hotel and meal discounts so that we can do some sightseeing before the Burning Man Festival which is our primary reason for visiting Nevada this time of year. We will be heading that way towards the end of August and early September.

If it weren't for the oppressive heat, this event would be one of the best Las Vegas vacation ideas on the planet!

The Best Fall Event in Nevada is here!

I would appreciate hearing from someone who knows their way around the strip as well as the older establishments that can give us some advice.

And speaking of Burning Man, I just read about some people who are driving an old school bus to the event that they are trying to cover in stickers. They say they need about 1000 "bumper sticker" size stickers. They are looking for any sticker that anybody is willing to mail them including political stickers, local stickers or what have you.

They posted the address to send them to and I'll post it here just to help them out:

Cover our Bus
16625 Redmond Way, Ste. M
Redmond, WA 98052

Since I read the blog post right before I stopped in here looking for cheap Las Vegas vacation deals, it was on my mind and I am in no way affiliated with Burning Man....just can't wait to get there!

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