Best Best Maui Beaches in Hawaii - Clear Water Black or Sugar Sand

Any discount Maui vacation package offers an assortment of Maui beaches as well as all inclusive resorts and hotels. Whether your preferred destination carries you to Western Maui, Central Maui or Eastern Maui, over 30 miles of the 120 mile coastline is one long, lovely beach with clear water and enough activities to keep you busy for the duration of your trip.

Make sure that your vacation package allows you enough time and freedom to explore both the big and little beaches of Maui while enjoying your tropical island getaway. There are many unique Maui activities that will fill your family vacation with entertainment and world class beaches with scenery that you thought only existed behind the Pearly Gates of Heaven.

Here's a list of popular beaches for photography buffs as well as swimmers and diving enthusiasts:

  • Makena
  • Kahana Beach
  • Napili Beach
  • Kahekili Beach
  • Kapalua Beach
  • Prince Beach
  • Baldwin Beach
  • Lahaina
  • Wailea Beach

  • Keawakapu
  • Uula Beach
  • Big Beach
  • Little Beach
  • Spreckelsville
  • Kuau Cove Beach
  • Waianapanapa
  • Ukumehame Beach
  • Ka‘anapali Beach
  • Koki Beach
  • Ka‘anapali Beach
    On the West coast of Maui you will find the Black Rock- Ka‘anapali Beach. The water in this location is teaming with coral and tropical fish which make it the perfect place for beginning divers as well as advanced snorkeling buffs and experienced scuba divers.

    There is also a beach walk here that creates easy access to hotels, shopping and restaurants. This beach is the northern most part of Ka‘anapali Beach. The Kaanapali Beach at the Kaanapali Resort is a popular beach that stretches 3 miles in front of the five hotels and six condominiums or vacation club resorts available here. This is one of the Maui beaches that was originally a playground for the royalty of the islands, and is filled with lush gardens, waterfalls and enticing pools at the ocean front.

    Here you can find water slides to entertain the children and nightly torch lighting ceremonies perfect for a romantic evening for couples on their honeymoon trip.
    The Ka'anapali Beach Hotel (conveniently located on the beach), is a virtual treasure trove of activities for the tropical island loving traveler.

    There are:

  • Hula dancing classes
  • Classes that offer instructions for making your own floral lei
  • Lauhala weaving
  • Cultural garden sightseeing tours

    Ka'anapali Beach Restaurants Dining here is at the open-air Tiki Terrace Restaurant that has a menu filled with award-winning dishes and live music for dancing the night away beneath stars. This restaurant also offers the best value with free offers for children and other discounts. It is recommended for young children or teenagers as well as adults. Person's who have stayed here love it, come back for the second time or appreciate the price value of the hotel for the location it is in. One person stated that it is not a glossy hotel but is friendly and nice.

    Kama‘ole Beach Parks I, II and III at Kihei
    The Kama‘ole Beach Parks I, II and III at Kihei are located on the Southern end of Maui and host plenty of parking places, volleyball courts and lifeguards. There are especially nice swimming conditions at all three parks.

    Kama'ole Beach Park I
    The largest of the three beaches, Kama'ole Beach Park I, has lots of very fine, white sand and in many tourist’s opinion, the most lovely view. There is a nice a grassy area to the South that’s nice for a picnic and a nap.

    Kama'ole Beach Park II
    This beach is pretty much the same as Kama'ole Beach Park I but somewhat smaller with no grassy area.

    Kama'ole Beach Park III
    And, last but not least we have our reviews of Kama'ole Beach Park III. This beach has no life guards but is popular with the local people. There is a large grassy area comparable to the area covered with sand, that’s a fine place for flying kites. Winds for kite flying are no problem as these beaches often have warnings posted for high winds that should be taken seriously. There are showers, restrooms and picnic tables in this location.

    H. A. Baldwin Beach Park of Paia
    H. A. Baldwin Beach Park of Paia offers a lagoon and a baby beach that is a perfect spot for a infants and small children with a group that’s taking advantage of the Maui beaches while on a family vacation. This beach is located on the Southern end of Maui.

    At H. A. Baldwin Beach Park there are:

    • Lifeguards at the Paia end of the beach
    • A grassy area
    • A covered pavilion
    • A picnic area
    • Public showers and restrooms
    • A large sandy beach

    Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach, Maui located at Hana, Maui
    Red Sand Beach is location is on the Eastern side of Maui. It’s one of the Maui beaches that are a secret treasure known to a few experienced travelers that share their tips and travel secrets with visitors to our free travel guide.

    One of the enchanting things about this tropical destination is that it is basically a little lava tub where the ocean and calmer water are separated by the pool of lava type waters.

    The sand at this unlike other Maui beaches is red because it is actually volcanic ash. The reason that this is one of the remaining few secluded beaches maui has to offer is that you will have to walk through some clearings in the brush and across private land to get there. As one of the well kept Hawaiian island secrets; once you arrive you will see interesting people with an obvious sense of adventure and love of private, secluded spots just like yourself.

    Nearby is the Kipahula campground, which is a state park located right at the ocean. The pools located here are known as the Oheo Gulch and the Pipwai Trail head. You should be aware that it rains often here, and come prepared for the occasional downpour.

    This campground is a popular destination on Maui for adventurous people looking for excellent hiking opportunities with waterfalls to visit.

    There are many excellent resorts and hotels convenient to Hawaii’s best beaches and Maui beaches as well. The Hotel Hana-Maui and Honua Spa is a luxury hotel that offers luxury wedding packages where for a relatively affordable price the bride and groom can plan beautiful Maui beach receptions where their guests can celebrate the wedding with fine dining and dancing. Once the beach wedding and reception is over, the honeymoon couple can enjoy spa treatments, horseback riding, and yoga or play tennis and golf if they are so inclined.

    Wai‘anapanapa State Park, known for its unusual black sand beach (Punalu'u Beach is the most famous of the Maui beaches with black sand), is located on the road to Hana. Along with glistening water, there is a campground with a trail that comes from the back of the beach along with numerous other trails.

    For the ultimate in Maui beach adventure, there are caves that are partially or totally submerged underwater. It’s recommended that only experienced scuba divers should explore these underwater caves. You can get cabins to stay at and there are also outdoor showers. The town, if care to call it that, is actually a little village of about 1,000 people with no restaurants available so you will need to bring your own picnic or food to eat with you.

    You will need to check to see which of the hotels on Maui Hawaii accepts pets. The regulations Hawaii beaches, of which Maui is a part, require owners of dogs to keep their dogs harnessed to a leash, or they will be issued a citation. Be sure to keep your pets on a leash when visiting Maui for their safety as well as to be compliance with local pet laws.

    Please make plans to visit us again soon to find the latest cheap vacation ideas and information on the best beaches Maui has to offer.

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