Fun Michigan Family Vacation Ideas

Please share your ideas for what to do on a Michigan family vacation. If you own a car or vacation property rental service, fill out the form (in your own words, no canned advertisements, please) and tell the potential tourists all about your business, festival or motel, hotel or inn and how it can make their travels in the State of Michigan great!

Family Vacation Ideas, Festival Information or Rentals

Do you have any Michigan family vacation pictures or recommendations to share? Festival information? Vacation rental properties to offer? Submit anything that a family might find fun or helpful when vacationing in Michigan!



Sister Lakes Michigan Vacation 
Plan your Sister Lakes Michigan vacation with Land of Lakes Campground in mind. Everything here is PURE MICHIGAN yet only 100 miles away from Chicago's …

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I offer this informal Michigan travel guide not only to promote summer rentals or tourism in the State of Michigan, but to help families that are on a tight budget have the best vacation that they can possibly get for an inexpensive price. I know what it's like to have children that wave to their friends as they leave to go camping or to resorts for the summer. It was a real downer knowing that I couldn't afford to take them to expensive tourist destinations but a weekend getaway every now and then would be more affordable if I just knew where to go and what to do. I hope that this site can offer some tips on the best places in Michigan to take a family on vacation without blowing the rent.

Y'all help me out and share your pictures and recommendations of what families can do in Michigan for a cheap price!

Make plans to visit us soon to share your cheap vacation ideas for a fun filled Michigan family vacation.

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