Myrtle Beach Attractions

by Jehnavi

If you are wondering if there are enough fun Myrtle Beach attractions to fill a week's vacation. We just got back and our kids as well as the adults in our family would say, "YES!"

As you may know, Myrtle Beach is known by many as South Carolina’s best beach vacation as well as the golf capital of the state and perhaps the entire east coast! Plus, the area has some very reasonable vacation rental rates that we found very appealing and affordable.

It is located smack dab in the center of sixty miles of the semi-circular area that includes the Grand Strand beach and has more than 13 million visitors each year for very good reason if my family's request to go back again next year is any indicator. Their response is probably due to all the reasons that this beach earned the title of America’s #1 Best Family Beach.

The first thing you pick up on when you arrive is the energy! There is so much entertainment live shows and concerts that keep the family moving and engaged in activities. There are more than 1700 restaurants plus more than 120 golf courses. If you're more into water sports, there are a couple of water parks, many amusement parks as well as plenty of upscale malls and shops for mom.

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