Cheap New York Family Vacation Ideas with New York City Attractions that Kids Love

You might be amazed to learn that there are more cheap things to do on a New York family vacation with the kids than there are in any city in the world! New York City doesn’t exactly have a reputation of being a cheap place to live but a planning a family vacation in New York might be one of the best, cheap vacation ideas ever!

Best New York City Vacation Guides for Families with Kids
There are some great books that will help kids enjoy travelling with their parents to New York City that will guide you to all of the attractions. Many of the books have special cards and cartoon maps with directions and suggestions designed especially to help families with kids to discover New York.

These guides will lead you to the best kid friendly attractions in New York that you might want to visit.

Walking vs Bus Tours
If buying tickets for bus tours don't fit the budget of your cheap New York family vacation ideas, walking is a fun way to get some FREE exercise for yourself and the kids and see the sites and attractions at your own pace. while walking around NYC.

Best (Cheap) Things for Kids to Do When on Vacation in New York City
The most popular attraction with the kids is hands' down the American Museum of Natural History which is conveniently located smack dab in the center of New York City near yet more entertainment, Central Park. Why will the kids love it?
The initial appeal will be that the children will remember seeing various parts of the museum in a favorite kids’ movie, Night at the Museum . If you haven’t watched this DVD yet, consider buying a copy to keep the kids entertained during the car ride or on the flight to New York. Even if they have seen it before, it would be a great idea to refresh their memory in preparation for their trip to the Museum.

Where can I get directions?
As I mentioned, the museum is conveniently located and easy to get to!

On weekdays (only) take the B or C Subway to 81st Street or you might jump off on one of the stops on the fantastic New York Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour and you can buy your tickets here.

The American Museum of Natural History is included in the same tour that covers Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Lincoln Center, American Museum of Natural History, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Grant's Tomb, Apollo Theater, Harlem Market, The Museum Mile, Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum.

You might also consider having the Iphone app to get tour suggestions and directions to all the attractions ahead of time to impress the kids with your knowledge of technology.

When is the Museum open?
At the time of this article, the museum's operating hours are between 10am to 5.30pm but to be sure the hours haven't changed, please visit the official the official American Museum of Natural History website to get the most current information available.

Where do I buy tickets for myself and the kids?
You can wait to buy your American Museum of Natural History tickets until you actually arrive at the Museum however you can also buy them online.

What is there for the kids to do at the Museum of Natural History?
My kids had lots of fun:

  • using the interactive touch screens to get information about the attractions that the museum had to offer
  • being junior archaeologists digging for fossils at the impressive Dinosaur exhibition.
  • viewing the vast array of live butterflies at The Butterfly Conservatory
  • watching the Journey to the Stars movie narrated by (one of MY favorite stars) Whoopi Goldberg.

If you have any cheap vacation ideas that you would like to share, please use the form on this page to share any pictures that you took and to tell us what your kids loved best about your New York family vacation!

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