Naturalistic or Nudist Beaches Vacation Information

Whether you are a naturist looking for the best nudist beaches or a conservative family that wants to avoid topless or clothing optional beaches when shopping for a vacation package, you need information on these beaches where your fellow sunbathers just might be naked. We make no judgments on any lifestyle and restrict our information to simply provide the facts to the best of our knowledge on which are clothing optional beaches and which require swimsuits tops and bottoms.

When making your reservations for a North American beach vacation, most resorts will clearly identify themselves as destinations that provide nudist pools or designated areas of private beaches. However, if you are researching the best locations for a European beach vacation you might want to call ahead and see if nudity is allowed on the beach where you plan to take the family. If the idea of your kids hanging out with naked men and women offends you, be advised that many European beaches may not specify that they are clothing optional while in reality they do allow sunbathing in the nude.

For those that have routinely traveled abroad, the issue of naturist or nude beaches or clothing required is a non-issue. If you have enjoyed many beach vacations abroad you are most likely well aware that only in the United States and a few other countries is the subject of nudity while swimming or sunbathing the beach controversial.

If you are among the uninhibited and embrace the naturist lifestyle, you will still have some decisions to make regarding which is the best nude or clothing optional beach for you. As with any other beach, there are certain areas that are known to be populated with the young or old as well as either sex. For instance, there are:

  • All male nudist beaches
  • Women only nude beaches
  • Family nudist beaches
  • Couples beaches

To help singles, couples and families locate the best top rated or top 10 nudist beaches (or avoid them completely), here is a list of some of the nude beaches as submitted by visitors to this travel website. If you have information on a particular beach that naturists or nudists would love, please send your reviews (no pictures please due to the family friendly rating of this site), resort recommendations and travel information to share with others that need some nudist vacation and beach travel ideas.

Here is our best travel advice for families regarding nudist beach vacations. When you are purchasing an all inclusive vacation package with the understanding that the beaches in your preferred destination require clothing you should know that even if a beach doesn’t allow bottomless sunbathing, you may find that they are known as one of the topless beaches. The only way to find out for sure what the lay of the land (or sand) might be is to either to pay the beach a visit during peak season and see what the demographics are firsthand or take a chance and rely on the information provided to you by other tourists.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to find cheap vacation ideas and insider tips and techniques for locating the perfect beach for your trip.