Ocracoke Island NC North Carolina Beach Vacation Ideas

Ocracoke Island was awarded as best beach in the United States in recent reviews. Ocracoke North Carolina was not voted the top rated beach on the east coast (although I suppose it is) for little reason. This informal vacation guide will tell you the many reasons why the title was rightfully awarded to the best beach in North Carolina, United States of America and in many travelers’ opinion; the world. If you don’t think we are being fair you are welcome to go and see for yourself!

Ocracoke Island NC was once a remote fishing village. Fishing (I love surf fishing here) is still one of the main attractions, but tourism is what keeps the economic wheels greased in modern times. I can only imagine what the locals who fished in these waters long ago would think if they saw how crowded the beaches are in the summers.

If your idea of family vacation package amusement is theme parks, malls and putt-putt golf this is not the best vacation destination for you and your children. Entertainment and attractions here are of the natural variety. This is the ideal location for a romantic beach vacation or to refuel before you rejoin the rat race.

For the parent who wants to de-commercialize their kids and let them experiment with entertainment that doesn’t come in a cardboard box at an expensive price; it’s perfect. Well, the mosquitoes might be the only drawback but the beaches and beauty of the area is worth a little bug spray. Ocracoke Island is one of the best beaches in North Carolina (and maybe the world in my opinion) PLUS it might be one of the best, cheap family beach vacations that I have ever taken. Ocracoke is a location that you will not want to miss when vacationing anywhere in the area of Outer Banks NC.

The activities which introduce the kids to the enjoyment of the basic, natural pleasures in life are for the most part FREE leaving more money in your travel budget for luxury Outer Banks vacation rentals. The word "FREE" is one that you rarely hear in conversations regarding even the cheapest all inclusive vacation packages and entertainment for the kids, but at this time Ocracoke doesn't charge for playing in the sand, shelling on the beach (and what a fabulous beach for hunting shells!) or hiking. When you can force yourself off your favorite stretch of Ocracoke beach, you might want to take the Wild Horses Tour or a Lighthouse Tour. There’s:

  • Ocracoke Lighthouse
  • Bode Island Lighthouse
  • Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Currituck Lighthouse (be sure to take a tour of the old mansion while you’re there)

OCRACOKE FERRY There is a free ferry from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island whose crossing time averages forty minutes or so. The departures take place every hour between 5am and midnight between April 29th and October 27th. For more information on the Ocracoke Hatteras ferry call the Ocracoke Business Association The Swan Quarter – Ocracoke Ferry is a toll ferry and you would need to call for the price and to make reservations. The ferry rides are an attraction in itself

Once the Ocracoke vacation is over, the tourists leave the locals (that number less than one thousand people) in peace once again in this island paradise. As you can imagine, Ocracoke Island is home to a close-knit community whose members out of necessity wear many professional hats. In many ways, it reminds you that small town USA still exists. I believe that anyone that visits Ocracoke leaves with a better outlook on life and will return if given the opportunity.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to find more cheap vacation ideas and tips on fun things to do during an Ocracoke Island Beach vacation.

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