Priceline Hotels and Zone Bidding Tips

The next item on our Priceline tips and techniques would be to know the best Priceline Hotels and zones. As we outlined in our previous list of ideas on how to make sure that your discount doesn’t translate into accommodations that are much less than luxurious than you are willing to accept, zones are important.

The online discount vacation bidding website has been known to release quarterly reports that lay out which zones are the most popular and has been dubbed by more than a few as the Priceline Hotels list. It’s advisable for you to consult travel forums for the latest, up to date pricing, hotel inventory and zone structure.


Share your experiences or tips for bidding with Priceline!

There are some nuggets of information floating about that we can file for future reference that will come in ever so handy when we get ready to put our bid strategy for Priceline hotels into play.

As we know from other traveler’s experiences; the cities that offer us the best shot at a discount stay in a top notch hotel should have four or more zones. It’s pretty clear that we should set our sites for lodging in major metropolitan areas for the best results. In alphabetical order you might want to explore your options with zones in these big cities:

  • Boston, Massachusetts: (Back Bay may be safer, but the downtown Charleston zone is centrally located for some major attractions
  • Chicago Illinois: North Michigan Avenue is top of the line as far as Priceline hotels are concerned. One of Chicago’s most popular zones, North Michigan Avenue includes a wide swath on either side of all of the shopping and entertainment resources that a vacation addict could ever want. There are two more popular zones at the time of this article: River North Area and The Loop – Grant Park.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada hotel bidding in Vegas can be difficult. You may have better luck with other hotel discount sites. Here’s a tip for bidding on a room in Las Vegas; if you don’t have your own transportation bid for five star hotels. The Bellagio and the Venetian are both five star and this would be a great place to spend your Vegas vacation.
  • Miami, Florida: Two words, my friend; South Beach. The only problem here is that the Priceline hotels zone in South Beach includes a large area north of what one might normally consider to be part of South Beach. You might have to take a taxi to get to where the action is.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: After Katrina, Priceline hotels and the best destinations and accommodations in the Big Easy has been difficult to determine at times. Some discount vacation addicts say that you should stick with the French Quarter zone while others say it’s ok to venture into the Central Business and the Garden District. Again, I will defer to the wisdom of the forums for current travel news in this city.
  • New York City, NY: Don’t underbid and stick with the bidding strategy as we laid it out for you and you’ll be ok with most any of the Priceline hotels in New York. Start your bids with Midtown west if theater and upscale attractions are your bag. If you can’t stomach the thought of paying a big price for a three star hotel, you might want to explore your options in Jersey City as the nightly rates are about half of those of the Priceline hotels in New York.

  • Oahu, Hawaii: Here we have Waikiki North and South. At the time of this writing, count on finding the newer Priceline hotels in Waikiki North. In South Waikiki are older, but among them are the resort level Sheraton Moana Surfrider, an elegant beachfront resort dating back to 1901. Here’s a tip; if you want beach access shoot for resort level hotels.
  • Orlando, Florida: Here’s a tip for bidding within the Disney World Vicinity Zone, the Walt Disney World Swan and the Dolphin are both participating Priceline program hotels, but there are lots of Disney hotels in the same zone. You might be able to score one that is close to Disney but not located inside the park itself.
  • San Francisco, California: You might want to try bidding for rooms in the Union Square East-Embarcadero. As a second option, give one of the hotels in Union Square West a try. For all kinds of tourist friendly sights and activities, Fisherman’s Wharf zone would be the place to stay. A warning; many have mentioned that they would advise skipping the rundown Civic Center Area zone. I don’t have an educated opinion, but that’s what I’ve heard.
  • Washington, D.C.: For the standard D.C. vacation that includes monuments and historic sites of interest, where else would you look for Priceline hotels but the White House-Downtown and Convention Center-Capitol Hill Zones? If D.C. is just another town to you and what you are looking for is nightlife and fine dining, the Georgetown-Foggy Bottom and Dupont Circle-Woodley Park zones will get you where you want to be.

    I know this list hits the high spots. There’s so many more places to find details and tidbits of travel information that will help you avoid pitfalls and vacation disasters on the web. For the latest scoop, hit the forums and bulletin boards because they are updated on a regular basis and do a great job of keeping travelers out of trouble.

    Please make plans to visit us again soon to find more Priceline and cheap vacation ideas.

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