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Most Priceline tips in forums have an expiration date but I have some tips on bidding at Priceline that are not date specific. The advice that I have here is nothing earth shaking, just basic bidding tips for those that are just starting to develop a bidding strategy.

Is it time cost efficient to take the necessary time to learn Priceline bidding tips? If you only take a weeklong vacation once or twice a year and you have a bulging vacation budget then this may not be the best way to spend leisure hours. But if you are a frequent traveler, then this is the best way to find cheap hotel deals.


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Once you have a few winning bids under your belt you will find that this is one of the easiest systems to use that has some very nice rewards with becoming totally spoiled and addicted to big discounts being the only negatives.


  1. Perhaps the most important bit of information that you won't see in most of the Priceline tips is that you should know from the very start that you are in the driver’s seat. It’s up to you to do your homework and decide what amenities are available with each star rating and more importantly to determine which are worth paying for and which ones you can live without. If you get free meals and parking for no extra charge, that's great but never pay for stuff that you don't need.

  2. If getting a free breakfast is important to you then you should bid on hotels with 2 ½ star ratings and no higher because that is the highest rated hotel available that offers free breakfast. The restaurants in 3 ½ star Priceline hotels usually make you pay for your food. Your mileage may vary but most travelers have said that they prefer to get a 2 ½ star Priceline hotel that offers free breakfast than a three (3) star Holiday Inn or Hilton.

  3. Most Priceline hotels are fine but you probably don’t want to bid on a 1 star rated hotel unless you are in dire circumstances. The hotel may be clean, the staff may be friendly and helpful but believe me when I tell you that the location may (or may not be if you’re truly lucky) less than optimal. In my opinion you would be wise to take my advice and know that any savings you might get is not worth staying in some of the areas where 1 star hotels are located.

  4. Don’t let parking or other amenities divert your attention from the bottom line. A formula for cheap vacation ideas and one of the best Priceline hotel bidding tips I can share is to say that if you can score a significant discount of $30-$100 dollars per night off regular room rates by using Priceline, paying to park your car should not be a deal breaker.

  5. Don’t be discouraged by a lack of hotel selection. You came looking for Priceline tips to SAVE MONEY! Unless you are taking a once in a lifetime honeymoon trip where atmosphere is crucial, all you want is a safe, clean and reasonably well designed place to lay your head in between engaging in your planned vacation activities, shopping and entertainment.

Priceline bidding tips for travel savings may not be everybody’s cup of tea but once you develop a strategy using some of the tips and techniques shared by successful bidders, you will enjoy significant discounts and have more money to spend on having fun! I’m often asked how much you can save using Priceline hotel bidding strategies and while I can only speak for myself, the number hovers around $50 per night on average. That may seem like a measly figure, but multiply it by 7 (or whatever the duration of your trip) and you probably just named the figure you had set aside for meals.

To help others, please feel free to share your own Priceline tips and secrets using the form that has been provided for the purpose on this page. You may also want to become a member of this Priceline Bidding Forum.

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