Plan a Private Beach Vacation at Resorts with Secluded, Hidden Beaches

Honeymoon couples dream of spending time on a private beach near a private resort with all of the amenities as well as professionals who desire a few moments of privacy after spend the best part of each day chatting up potential clients. Retired couples taking a cruise like a break from the crowds on a secluded, hidden beach where they can relax on the sand and play in the surf like a couple of crazy kids.

As you may have guessed, the luxury of peace and privacy in a tropical paradise can be expensive.

Private resorts whose guests are granted exclusive rights to considerable acreage and beaches that a privileged few are allowed to enjoy are filling a niche and feel justified in charging a fee that is not exactly what one might consider cheap.

Best Private Beach Vacation Destinations

Locations range from beaches near ultra-exclusive luxury vacation destinations to cozy little nooks that are known only to locals.


Travelers with deep pockets can enjoy the ultimate in privacy and seclusion for approximately $46,000 per night. It would be difficult to explore the 74 acres of Necker Island in one night but those inclined to try will not be disappointed by the lush beauty of this island.


When it comes to private beach vacations, as in all things, you get what you pay for. But if isolated beaches are your idea of Heaven and your budget can afford a posh hideaway a luxury beach vacation on an island with some of the most highly rated secluded beaches in the Caribbean, Guana Island (British Virgin Islands) might be the ticket. Grooms that would like to surprise their brides with a perfect honeymoon might be interested in having Guana Island all to themselves for approximately $19,000 to $26,000 per night.

Take the time spent searching for a secret beach out of your vacation plan and pencil in a spa date instead. At the time of this article this luxurious private resort limits the number of guests to no more than 30 at any given time. Even with the staff, you will still have plenty of privacy sufficient for an intimate, beach honeymoon on a secluded beach in a tropical location.


The fact that Kamalama Cay (in the Bahamas on Andros Island) can only be reached with the use of a private ferry or a seaplane contributes to visitors’ privacy. Exclusive, secluded beaches are cozy little coves that are at many times, deserted, where newlyweds happily were left alone.


If broad expanses of white, sandy beaches all to yourself are your cup of tea, the small, secluded beaches on Soneva Fushi (in the Maldives) may not tickle your fancy. But if you are searching for secluded beaches, call your travel agent and make your reservations right now. Privacy is where this destination shines with thick vegetation between many of the private beach’s rental villas. Choose between Little Dix Bay with its half mile or so of beach or book one of the villas at Le Taha’a for a beach vacation completely surrounded by rock walls.

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