Squaw Valley Family Vacation

by Danny

Our Squaw Valley family vacation was absolutely wonderful! If the weather conditions are right, how can you not have fun at this ski resort, right? Well, when you're traveling with two teenage kids you can't assume that even a world class vacation destination will have entertainment that keep everybody happy and having fun.

We stayed at the Squaw Valley Lodge for the entire trip. Our condo was a good size and you can't beat the location.

Right away, my kids found stuff to do. I cringed when they asked about internet service because the last thing that I wanted was to pay through the nose for a family ski vacation only to have them play with their laptop or watch movies the entire time.

Before they could get into couch potato mode, I convinced them to take a walk to the village with me. We jumped on the cable car and went to the top of the mountain where they found the ice rink and some kids their age and from that point on it was all I could do to get them into bed for a few hours sleep.

Our Squaw Valley family vacation was a raging success and it took very little work on my part to make it happen at least beyond paying for the reservations which weren't cheap but we have had very few trips where the kids asked when we would be going back on the ride home so I give the Squaw Valley Ski Resort very high ratings for entertaining the kids! This was actually one of the best winter family vacations that we've ever taken.

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