Things for Kids to Do at Lake Tahoe

by Jeannie

I want to list the fun things we found for kids to do at Lake Tahoe before I hit the workaday world and forget all the cool activities and entertainment that our children liked while we were on our family ski vacation. We had such a blast that I know that we'll want to do some of the same stuff and I don't want to forget a single thing!

Families taking a ski vacation with kids know that keeping the kids entertained can be a full time job and who needs a full time job when they've spent their money for a luxury ski vacation? After taking several such vacations where I came home exhausted after sacrificing my days to wrangling babies, toddlers as well as teens while my husband enjoyed skiing I finally learned a few tips and tricks to finding fun things for kids to do at Lake Tahoe that would leave mommy with a little free time.

  1. Make an itinerary that has fun stuff to do indoors as well as outdoors to break things up to get the most out of your Lake Tahoe Ski Vacation.

  2. Enroll the tots in daycare or ski school or work with other families taking turns entertaining the kids while you ski Lake Tahoe! We found that when our kids were between toddler and kindergarten age they tired quickly but they enjoyed being outdoors with the rest of the family.

  3. If you have little ones between the ages of two and six they are going to adore the sledding hill designated for kids in that age group. Older kids might want to check out the hills in one of the local parks. I heard the teenage girls in our group say they had a blast tubing and sledding at El Dorado Beach. It stuck in my mind because I had trouble associating a beach with sledding, but there you go.

  4. Snowmobiling is one of the most fun things for kids to do at Lake Tahoe that the whole family will enjoy. If your children are old enough to hang on throughout the ride, they can share a double rider with a parent. There are snowmobile tours that the family can sign up for that are relaxed ways to enjoy the view and some hot chocolate at stops.

  5. When the days were just too cold and windy and we wanted to stay inside, we went to the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Center to enjoy a little ice Skating and there is also a swimming pool at the rec center with open afternoon swim hours. I also heard that Heavenly Village has a great ice skating rink but we didn't make it there. We found skating to be our least favorite thing for kids to do at Lake Tahoe because of our lack of skill but we're going to work on that to be better prepared for our next family winter ski vacation.

  6. One of my favorite things to do was take a sleigh ride. This was one of the most romantic moments of our trip even though we had all of the kids there with us. There was something about the beautiful scenery that just took me away (think Calgon commercial). Camp Richardson Stables is on Emerald Bay Road and Borges Sleigh Rides leaves from the Stateline area.

  7. Even though you will have little need for fun things for kids to do in Lake Tahoe that will keep them indoors, it's smart to have a few activities in your arsenal so that you are not caught unprepared.

  8. The tweens and teens in our group wanted to take in a movie at the Village but I actually talked them out of it (I thought it was a shame to do stuff that you could do at home when staying at the best Lake Tahoe ski resort for gosh sakes) but they did go bowling and they played some games and tried their hand on the climbing wall at Harrah’s Arcade.

What I love best about Lake Tahoe is that it is so easy to find a balance between total family time and indoor and outdoor fun things to do. I hope that my ideas help you to avoid spending your vacation searching for stuff for your kids to do to avoid boredom!

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