Fun Things to Do in Cocoa Beach Florida

Don’t be surprised if when you ask locals for some ideas of cool things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida that you get a blank stare. The reason for that look is not because there are few activities or attractions to entertain for families with kids, college kids or singles (or anybody with a pulse for that matter), it’s most likely because most people who visit the area are well aware of the appeal of Cocoa Beach pier and the surrounding waters filled with perfect waves known to be a surfing paradise.

When you return from your own vacation, please take a moment to come back and share some of the fun things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida that you found. Just fill in the form below, upload your pictures of the beach, Cocoa Beach pier or the inventory of the surf shop if that's what floats your boat.

This little piece of Heaven is a preferred travel destination for advanced surfers who want to show off their latest moves on the waves as well as for beginners who want to get some experience or take a few lessons.

If you are traveling with kids, a great way to log some hours on your surfboard without a care in the world is to sign the children up for surfing lessons. Don’t think of it as shirking your parental responsibilities but as making sure that your kids get professional instruction in surfing safety. If you are concerned that the kids won’t think the classes were fun, fear not as most little surfers say this was one of the more fun things to do in Cocoa Beach that they did on their vacation.


For every beach babe who can’t get enough of the ocean’s waters and the sun there are those who never dip their toe in the surf. It’s a fact, sad but true, that there are tourists who care little for the attractions and fun things to do in Cocoa Beach Florida that are wet and wild. These rare individuals don’t want to surf, swim or play in the sand yet want to fill their luggage with the latest surf clothes they pick up from the world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. And if you have ever visited this world famous store, you will understand the pull to spend an afternoon there picking out beach gear. Consider it your one stop shopping resource for unbelievable swimsuits and surfboard rentals.

Families that like to treat the kids to a beach vacation so long as it is liberally sprinkled with mind expanding attractions are going to love all the things to do in Cocoa Beach FL that are so much fun that the children will not have a clue that they are actually very educational. Plus, many of the Cocoa Beach activities of this nature are air conditioned.

There so many fun things to do in Cocoa Beach that cheap vacation ideas don't cross your mind, but if you come up with any good ones, please stop by and share them!

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Please tell us about the fun you had while visiting or on vacation! What's so great about Cocoa Beach?

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