Things to do in the Cocoa Beach Area

We found lots to do in the Cocoa Beach Area on our family vacation. The teens spent some time body boarding while the little kids chased the little live crabs all over the sand and managed to find more than their fair share of disgusting, stinky things inside of shells.

You would have to be really dumb not to find lots of fun things to do in the Cocoa Beach area because it's just an hour drive from Orlando (duh) and the beach is on the Space Coast with everything you expect out of a beach vacation plus recreation and leisure activities.

And something else that's very appealing about the Cocoa Beach area is that it's one of the more affordable (not cheap but reasonable) vacation spots out of all the
best Florida beaches

If you get sick of sun, you can go shopping and when you feel guilty about that you can take the kids on an educational eco-tour to learn about Florida’s wildlife.

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