Travel Italy Like a Native Italian

To travel Italy successfully is to focus on the journey rather than the destination. Of course there are places to visit in Italy and things to do in Italy that make a trip memorable and worthwhile but there's one thing that keeps the business of tourism in Italy booming no matter how expensive airfare and lodging might be is the fact that there's something spectacular and worthy of note offered in practically every Italian village, village and public area.

It would be such a waste of a vacation to visit only the top tourist attractions in Italy. Leave the beaten path and abandon the tour group and risk losing your way if you must, but explore the country with an open mind and a lust for adventure. The best way to travel in Italy is to walk whenever possible so that you can experience the sights and sounds and the unique ways of the Italian people from an up close and personal point of view. If you are willing to settle for pictures taken from the window of a tour bus, you might as well have stayed home, torn up your list of vacation ideas and tour Italy by looking at color photographs in a coffee table book.

Once you take the time to book a travel package and spend your hard earned money on an Italy vacation, travel Italy like it’s meant to be traveled. In the spirit of one tourist helping another, here’s a list of some cool places to visit and things to do while you travel Italy.

  • Visit Lake Com and climb to the top of Baradello Tower, for a lovely view of the entire lake. While there, visit the San Corpoforo, which is Como's early Romanesque third great basilica.
  • Take a short trip to Cernobbio and visit the site of the fictional Villa Baglianello. If you are not trying to travel Italy and vacation for cheap; consider a stay in the Villa D'Este which is the home of the “floating swimming pool” .
  • Visit Lucca Italy for a slightly less crowded Italy travel experience while you are busily touring the country. Lucca is rarely as crowded as the more medieval feeling destination of Siena. Enjoy some tortelli lucchese while you are there.
  • Visit Genoa Italy and hit a few of the tours of ancient churches, museums and palaces. The historic center and famous aquarium make Genoa a popular Italy travel destination, so get ready to rub elbows with other tourists for the duration.
  • Often compared to the French Riviera, the Isle of Capri is not ideal for those who wish to travel Italy at leisure and in peace. Summer brings not only foreigners to Capri, but families taking last minute day trips. Not a good thing for a honeymoon or adult travelers who prefer to enjoy attractions in Italy on a child free vacation. The alternative would be to visit Capri in the winter when the hotels are closed or in spring or fall.

There are so many attractions that you won’t want to miss when you travel Italy that you may find yourself doing what others have been forced to do; return time and time again.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to read the latest cheap vacation ideas and recommendations for great places to visit and wonderful things to do while visiting Italy.

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