How to Take Vacations and Travel with Dogs

For those planning to travel with dogs, there are certain issues that should be addressed early in the planning phase of the trip. For starters you will need to be certain that the lodging, tourist attractions and activities are all pet friendly. Taking a vacation with your dog along can be tricky but with growing numbers of families that prefer to take their pets on vacation with them rather than to board them with strangers, you will find more vacation destinations have become pet friendly.

Once you identify your need for pet friendly vacations, you should alert your travel agent to the fact so that they can be sure that vacation packages that you may be considering are suitable for traveling with pets.

Before booking that all inclusive vacation package, there are certain questions to be asked to be sure that you are paying for dog friendly travel or that they allow their customers to travel with dogs at all. Personally, I would have a problem flying on a plane where my dog would be located in the cargo area. I always make certain that the airline will allow dog travel crates under the passenger’s seats.

Going on vacation with your dog is like taking an extra person or perhaps a child who can’t fend for themselves. Our pets rely on us for their safety and well being and there are certain steps that should be before we travel with dogs or pets on vacation to secure them and keep them safe.

When traveling abroad humans have to be sure that their vaccinations are in order. Pets are no different and in many cases have to have documentation to attest to the fact, so ask for a health certificate to carry with you in case one is requested when you travel with dogs or cats.

There’s no way I would take my pet away from our veterinarian without a complete checkup. As badly as I hate to admit it my dog is getting older and isn't as adaptable to new situations as she once was. I would want to note that my veterinarian had the opinion that she could withstand the stress of travel.


  • Get a pet collar with an attached identification tag. It’s bad enough for a pet to get loose in your own neighborhood, but the thought of losing a pet when your airplane will be leaving the country in a few hours would be an emotional nightmare of the very worst kind.
  • Before you travel with dogs, get a copy of medical records from your veterinarian including vaccination records, a list of prescription medications and ongoing health conditions.
  • Pack one of your veterinarian’s business cards complete with address and phone number in case of emergency.

Travel with dogs can be a wonderful sharing experience. What kind of family vacation could it be if you are leaving a beloved pet at home alone? If you will be traveling with kids, allow them to build self confidence by sharing some of the responsibility for your pet’s needs. Use travel with pets as a teaching tool as well as a bonding experience.

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