Where to Find the Best Cheap Vacations Packages

Smart travelers know that cheap vacation packages, deals and discounts may offer the best travel opportunities that anyone can hope for during peak tourist season. If you have but a few days to spend once you reach your destination, getting there for an inexpensive price increases your chances of staying longer and finding those delightful, hidden destinations that the locals try their best to keep a secret.

The time has never been better to take advantage of promotions, discount rates and cheap vacation package deals. If you mention the words "discount travel" when talking to a group of friends or family, chances are that somebody is going to hit you with a horror story of vacation getaway plans that went horribly wrong, nightmare accommodations or all inclusive package deals that didn’t deliver the goods. So, what are cheap travel packages and how can we avoid disaster while taking advantage of those enticing promotional coupon codes and discounts that are offered?


The term "vacation packages" refers to the practice of combining various areas regarding the travel and lodging aspects of your vacation into one transaction. To put it in plain talk that anybody can understand; with a package you will be taking care of your

  • Air and car travel
  • Hotel Lodging and Air
  • Air, Car and Hotel Lodging

As you can see, there are several types of travel packages and it’s well worth the time and bother to educate yourself as to what each deal has to offer because booking a vacation as a package should save you money on everything from airfare to hotels, motels and rental cars vs. trying to shop for each portion that’s essential for your travel plans separately online. At times there is a menu containing all kinds of options that some find confusing and downright frustrating. This is where your friendly, professional travel agent comes into play. For what it’s worth there have been times that I got lucky and found plane tickets on a spur of the moment that were cheap. But it’s always a good idea to comparison shop before you jump on a discount and see what the entire vacation will cost outside of a package deal.

All inclusive travel package deals may not be available for every location, but it’s a good idea to see if there might be package deals that will get you close to the romantic destination that you’ve been dreaming about rather than to deliver you right on the spot for triple the price. If you can find a motel, hotel or bed & breakfast nearby for a cheap price, wouldn’t it be smart to take the package vacation deal and drive a few miles to get to the beach, mountain or ski slope?

This is a decision that many find to be the downside of all inclusive package deals. At times there is a menu containing all kinds of options that some find confusing and downright frustrating. This is where your friendly, professional travel agent comes into play.

A good travel agent is as important to your travels as having the right suitcase. Mine has become a dear friend to me and has saved me taking miserable trips just because there was a deep discount offered. One commission isn’t worth it to give a regular traveler bad vacation advice. To find the best vacation packages, it would be wise to find a travel agency that you can trust to steer you in the right direction.

So what are some of the most popular cheap package deals? Hold on to your suitcase because this is a list filled with tourist hot spots that will make any traveler run to find their passport.

  • Disney World packages - One of my favorite cheap family vacation packages
  • Hawaii travel packages
  • Package deal to Las Vegas
  • Cruise packages

And that, my fellow adventure living enthusiast, is just the tip of the iceburg. Return to find tips on where to find Cheap Vacations, Travel Ideas and Vacation Packages for more exotic, interesting and educational trip information.

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