How to Find Cheap Vacation Rentals in Popular Destinations

Skip pricey resorts and check out the vacation rentals by owner if you prefer a "home away from home" atmosphere over the sterile atmosphere of a hotel.  Regardless of where your travels may take you,  there may be private home rentals, cabin or cottage rentals. 

In years when there is a high inventory of real estate on the market, you may be able to rent a spacious, completely furnished family home in a nice neighborhood for less than you would pay for a cheap motel room.

Ask yourself (and your family) if spending a trip in a roomy home is better than spending time in a cramped motel room with no closet space or laundry facilities? A kitchen and washer and dryer might not seem like a luxury, worry free family vacation for mom but it’s nice to have the appliances on hand if you want them. Just because they are included as part of the vacation property rental package doesn’t mean that you have to use them if you want your trip to be completely work as well as worry free.

Vacation Rentals

in tropical locations may not have a pool but who needs a pool at the beach?

Luxury Vacation Property Rentals by Owner

There are many magnificent rentals in Outer Banks, North Carolina to accommodate your family in every price range.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Pool and oceanside in Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Renting from an individual does not always mean that you and your party have to "rough it".

Myrtle Beach Vacation Condo Rentals

Does the idea of spending time in total seclusion in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains appeal to you?

Rental Cabins

In today's market, finding a luxury vacation property rental like the example in the picture is easier than ever. Many homes have a many bedrooms and bathrooms that will allow a large group to split the costs. That translates into a cheap family vacation!


More space and storage for sports equipment and clothing would be the biggest advantage of vacation home rentals vs. a motel room or even a room in a bed and breakfast. The most stressful family trip I ever took was one when we made last minute reservations in a budget motel. It took forever for the entire family to take a bath and getting dressed with no privacy was not my idea of fun.

Cheap motels have had to add some amenities to catch up with the growing use of rentals. Rustic cabins and beachfront cottages have long had hair dryers, coffee pots and a refrigerator where motels have only recently come on board with these conveniences. Even though I don’t want to spend my vacation washing clothes, it’s nice to be able to pop my favorite pair of jeans into the provided washer and dryer. My husband also enjoys ironing the wrinkles out of his cotton shirts and shorts with the iron and ironing board after he unpacks them.


More times than not, beachfront or lakeside vacation rentals are privately owned. Privately owned cabins and cottages for rent often translate into inexpensive nightly rates for smart travelers like you and me!


Along with all the extras and niceties like private bedrooms and baths I have found that many owners of vacation rentals enjoy meeting their renters in a complete unobtrusive manner of course. It’s been my experience that owners are a treasure trove of information on where to go and where to eat and have fun during our stay. The travel tips alone are worth their weight in gold never mind the money you save. Then there are the personal touches like welcome baskets, flowers, scented soaps and candles in the bathroom. What a treat it is to arrive at our destination road weary and worn to a frazzle to find a basket of muffins or a plate of home baked cookies to welcome you and send a friendly message to enjoy your stay.

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