What is There to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling

by Suzanne

How many wives, husbands and/or kids have you heard asking "What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?". I am so thrilled to be able to say PLENTY! You see, I was one of those wives who used to worry there would be no entertainment for those of us who do not gamble.

Speaking from a feminine point of view, the shopping in Las Vegas is world class and there is a never ending supply of exclusive boutiques and even discount shopping for those of us who love to shop sales (and who doesn’t?). When you tire of shopping or the money runs out, there are always plenty of shows to see and no…not all feature Blue Men, show girls and tigers. For music lovers, chances are that you can easily find a concert featuring the finest of your favorite musical genre regardless of what it may be.

If a day filled with some personal pampering and a makeover sounds nice, I would like to make a personal recommendation that you convince hubby that gambling at the M Resort Spa and Casino would be a winning bet. This is a superb choice for couples when one half of the partnership would prefer to skip the Strip.

The M Resort is about ten minutes south and well worth the drive for those of you that consider the glitz of Vegas over stimulating. This establishment is anything but flashy with an understated kind of glamour focused on naturally decorative elements with a design heavily laden with stone, wood and glass. Even the casino floor has a natural splendor with skylights giving those who take the time to look, a view of the sky.

Most of the M Resort’s rooms feature expansive views of Las Vegas Boulevard and prices are from $90 so visit themresort.com and take a look!

Maybe I pay closer attention and tally these complaints more than others might but since I’ve heard the question asking "What is there to do in Las Vegas besides gambling?" hundreds if not thousands of times I thought that I would take a minute to fill you in on how to get a cheap Las Vegas vacation that should keep mom and dad happy!

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