What Kind of Stroller Can I Take on a Plane

by Leesa

We are about to take a vacation with our newborn and I need to know what kind of baby stroller can I take on a plane as a carry on? The only stroller that I have is a full size. Actually, our baby stroller is bigger than a full-size!

I have a double stroller since we just had our first child and plan to get pregnant again in a couple of years. We bought it to prepare for the future but I do not think that I want to handle the extra weight of the double baby stroller when it is not a necessity.

Best Baby Strollers for Plane Travel

I would rather not buy another one that I really don't need since the fare alone is stretching our budget while I am off work on maternity leave. If I must, I will buy an umbrella stroller if that is the best recommendation.

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Can anyone please tell me what kind of stroller is best? Should I buy a lightweight stick stroller or should I use the one that I have?

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Lightweight Strollers Only
by: Anonymous

There was a report on MSNBC that said American Airlines is no longer gate-checking certain strollers and neither is United.

I believe their policy is that the only strollers that can be carried on have to weigh less than 20 pounds.

Call the airline and ask what the rules are beforehand but if one carrier says "nothing but lightweight umbrella strollers" chances are that they all have the same rule.

Airport Rules for Baby Strollers
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure of the weight limits or specifics, but if I were to guess I would say that easily collapsed, lightweight umbrella strollers would be the only kind the airlines will allow.

You're not the only mom asking, "What kind of stroller can I take on a plane" this summer.

I was behind a lady at the airport who was trying to board and the attendant was telling her that it was too big and would have to be checked at the ticket counter. She was trying to be nice about it and said they would check it for free but the mom was pretty unhappy about it.

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