by Katie

How do people take a winter vacation with kids? There are enough problems with planning a quick weekend getaway when the weather is warm and the only items on the packing list are sunscreen, shorts and swimsuits.

After a trip last summer that left us stranded in the airport, a trip in the dead of Winter where winter coats, hats, gloves and boots are necessary sounds a little dangerous to my aching back.

BUT on the other hand, a vacation to escape the after Christmas cabin fever sounds absolutely heavenly. A winter vacation with the kids exploring a scenic ski resort may be exactly what the therapist (if I had one) ordered so packing all the winter gear might be worth it only who will take care of the children while hubby and I hit the ski slopes? Who will be in charge of entertainment for the older kids when mommy and daddy want a romantic moment or just a break to relax?

From the Webmaster:

Jean, some parents devote the day to family activities that promotes an early bedtime for the children. After the children are in bed, mom and dad relax by reading, watching television or catching up on their email.

The more adventurous sort that would like a little party and excitement during their winter vacation with the kids take advantage of the ski resort's baby sitting service to free them up to enjoy the adult friendly nightlife.

If leaving your kids with a stranger gives you pause, the fact that the babysitters are trained in CPR and other important aspects of childcare. They can be scheduled to come early enough to put the kids to bed or you can do the honors and have them arrive only after the sandman has come calling giving mom and dad a chance to enjoy a little adult entertainment.

All that being said, have you taken a winter vacation with kids and used the ski resort's babysitting services? If so, can you please share your experiences to give other parents some family vacation ideas?

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